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Aramid Fiber is a Tier 7 Fiber-type Material for developing and upgrading armor at Chokufunsha.

Locations[edit | edit source]

As a 7-Star Material, Aramid Fiber only appears on Cloth-specific floors in TENGOKU. It becomes more common the higher you climb.

May also be obtained as a reward from Lost Bags, appear in the daily Hernia lineup, and be bought once-per-day in the Bloodnium Exchange for BL.png 2000.

Cloth-specific Floors
Floor Name Rotation
52F+ TENGOKU 59F, 67F, 74F, 82F, etc.

Uses[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Tier is a level of power typically based on the number of times equipment has changed forms, not the number of stars it has.

Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Nail Blaster + UC ★★★★★ 24
CW Assassin's Crossbow S UC ★★★★★ 24
CW Nightmare Claw S UC ★★★★★ 24
CW Thor's Wand S UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Head of Medusa UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Belphegor T4 ★★★★★★★ 75
MILK Hornet Saber A UC ★★★★★★ 24
MILK Inferno Baton A UC ★★★★★★ 24
Head Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Steel God Mask + UC ★★★★ 18
WE Officer Ryback Mask E UC ★★★★ 18
WE Phantom Soldier Head WoT04 UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Night Raider Head E UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Storm Diver Head E UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Arahabaki Helmet S UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Lion Sword Dancer Head S UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Black Thunder Helmet UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Lucha Master Head A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Bushido Mask A UC ★★★★★★ 18
None Meijin Head 3 UC ★★★★★ 21
Body Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Wheel Assassin Body + UC ★★★★★★ 18
DOD Chemical Chaos Body + UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Phantom Commando Body E UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Captain's Vest E UC ★★★★ 18
WE Iron Falcon Body E UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Iron Falcon Body E RE UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Raven Blaster Body E UC ★★★★ 18
CW Manic Wizard Coat S UC ★★★★★ 18
MILK King Smasher Body A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Pale Wind Body UC ★★★★★★ 18
Leg Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Texas Slasher Pants + UC ★★★★ 18
DOD Travis' Pants 4 UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Skull Punisher Pants E UC ★★★★ 18
CW Shogun Leggings S UC ★★★★★ 18
CW Last Paladin's Leggings S UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Kat Boots 4 UC ★★★★ 18
MILK Raging Bull Pants A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Tour de Hell Pants A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Morbid Target Pants A UC ★★★★★★ 18

Notes[edit | edit source]

Currently, it takes 786 of the Aramid Fiber to complete its uses.