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Black Coal is a 7-Star Wood-type Material for developing and upgrading weapons and armor at Chokufunsha.

Locations[edit | edit source]

As a 7-Star Material, Black Coal only appears on Wood-specific floors in TENGOKU. It becomes more common the higher you climb.

May also be obtained as a reward from Lost Bags, appear in the daily Hernia lineup, and be bought once-per-day in the Bloodnium Exchange for BL.png 2000.

Wood-specific Floors
Floor Name Rotation
53F+ TENGOKU 61F, 68F, 76F, 83F, etc.

Uses[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Tier is a level of power typically based on the number of times equipment has changed forms, not the number of stars it has.

Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Buzzsaw Masher + UC ★★★★ 24
WE Stun Master E UC ★★★★★ 24
WE Cerberus Shotgun E UC ★★★★★ 24
WE Special Forces Shovel E UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Dragon Buster Sword S RE UC ★★★★★ 24
CW Wand of Conflagration S UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Thor's Wand S TDM UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Vajra of Light UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Muspelheim T4 ★★★★★★★ 80
MILK Judgement Day T4 ★★★★★★★ 70
None Yes Knife 3 UC ★★★★★ 24
None No Knife 3 UC ★★★★★ 24
Head Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Steel Madman Mask + UC ★★★★★ 18
DOD Alien Roadster Head + UC ★★★★★★ 18
DOD Road Killer Head + UC ★★★★ 18
DOD Suicidal Grinder Head + UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Red Napalm Head UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Avatar of Zard Mask S UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Murderer Hockey Mask A UC ★★★★★ 18
MILK Execution Rider Head A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Hell Slugger Head A UC ★★★★ 18
Body Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Steel God Apron + UC ★★★★ 18
WE Officer Ryback Body E UC ★★★★ 18
WE Phantom Soldier Body WoT04 UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Night Raider Body E UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Storm Diver Body E UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Arahabaki Armor S UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Black Thunder Armor UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Lucha Master Body A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Bushido Body A UC ★★★★★ 18
MILK Blood Diver Body A UC ★★★★★★ 18
Leg Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Wheel Assassin Pants + UC ★★★★★★ 18
DOD Chemical Chaos Pants + UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Captain's Pants E UC ★★★★ 18
WE Iron Falcon Pants E UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Iron Falcon Pants E RE UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Raven Blaster Pants E UC ★★★★ 18
CW Manic Wizard Leggings S UC ★★★★★ 18
CW Lion Swd Dancer Leggings S UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK King Smasher Pants A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Pale Wind Pants UC ★★★★★★ 18

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, it takes at least 912 Black Coal to complete its uses.
  • Black Coal is a form of coal that is notably soft, at least when compared relatively to the other types within its family. It is created mainly by decomposition and compression of dead plant material over an incredibly long time. In most situations, it is not used for the construction of actual items, but rather for burning to form certain types of steel (as well as other more niche uses).