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Bronze Skillshroom
No Effect
Bronze Skillshroom
"Contains bronze, and resembles a human face. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Decal. Smells and tastes bad."
When Eaten EFFSkill.png No Effect
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 50 HP EXP ico.jpg 500 EXP
Effect Time No Effect
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Bronze Skillshroom1.png

SkillB.png Bronze Skillshrooms are the common variety of Skillshrooms that can be found within the Tower of Barbs. They cannot be cooked. Along with the Silver and Golden Skillshrooms, they can be traded with Momoko Yamada for Skill Decals. More than simply mushrooms, however, they are also a required material in many different R&D recipes at Choku-Funsha.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
170 ★★ Mushroom Finding #010 Collect Collect Yogashroom x10 in the tower. SkillB.png Bronze Skillshroom KC.png 1000 KC
171 ★★ Mushroom Finding #011 Collect Collect Decoyshroom x10 in the tower. SkillB.png Bronze Skillshroom KC.png 1000 KC
172 ★★ Mushroom Finding #012 Collect Collect Mouseshroom x10 in the tower. SkillB.png Bronze Skillshroom KC.png 1000 KC
173 ★★ Mushroom Finding #013 Collect Collect Stingshroom x10 in the tower. SkillB.png Bronze Skillshroom KC.png 1000 KC

Trading Skill Decals[]

Bronze Skillshroom.

NOTE: These decals are Non-Premium, and will be lost when removed.

Decal-Master Builder.png
Increase ATK and DEF of D.O.D. Arms weapons and equipment by 7%.
Increases the ATK of fire weapons by 10%.
Master Builder ★★ SkillB.png x4 Firestarter SkillB.png x2
Decal-Drill Sergeant.png
Increase ATK and DEF of War Ensemble weapons and equipment by 7%.
Increases the ATK of electric weapons by 10%.
Drill Sergeant ★★ SkillB.png x4 Electrifier SkillB.png x2
Increases the ATK of slashing weapons by 10%.
Increases the ATK of poison weapons by 10%.
Samurai SkillB.png x2 Hornet SkillB.png x2
Increases the ATK of blunt weapons by 10%.
Decal-Poison Eater.png
Recover HP slowly instead of poison damage.
Slugger SkillB.png x2 Poison Eater ★★ SkillB.png x4


For all non-Event gear, it currently takes 151 Bronze Skillshrooms to complete its uses. Event gear uses an additional 11, for a complete total of 162. More may be needed for Skill Decal trading.

NOTE: Tier is a level of power typically based on the number of times equipment has changed forms, not the number of stars it has.

Bronze Skillshroom
Type F Name Tier Stars #
WE Stun Rod T1 ★★ 10
WE Pulse Stun Gun E T2 ★★★★ 15
MILK Spiked Bat A T4 ★★★★ 6
DOD DIY Assault Head + T4 ★★★★ 8
DOD Steel Madman Mask + T4 ★★★★★ 6
WE Phantom Commando Head E T4 ★★★★★ 11
MILK Lucha Master Head A T4 ★★★★★★ 15
MILK Pale Wind Head T4 ★★★★★★ 11
WE Assault Master Body E T4 ★★★★★ 20
WE Raven Blaster Body E T4 ★★★★ 11
CW Avatar of Zard Mail S T4 ★★★★★★ 18
CW Berserker Leggings S T4 ★★★★★★ 20
Event Gear
Type F Name Tier Stars #
WE Phantom Soldier Head WoT04 T4 ★★★★★ 11