Let It Die Wiki

The Characters in Let It Die. Fighters enter the world with nothing but their underwear and must fight to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that awaits them. Enemies defeated may drop weapons and armor for players, which may be the difference between life and death...

Uncle Death: Uncle Death guides the character through the game. In the Arcade, players can click on Uncle Death to return to The Tower of Barbs.

Naomi Detox: Detox is the girl sitting on the left of the player in the Arcade. She gives out quests and is addicted to her cellphone. In order to turn in completed quests, you must "visit" the quest board. Quest rewards are stored in the rewards box.

Meijin: He will sometimes give you tips on various gameplay elements, weapon categories, and enemies as you encounter them. He is located in the Arcade.

Kiwako Seto: Direct Hell representative. Gives you the option to revive upon death and is also responsible for Storage upgrades and the Direct Hell Express passes.

Haters: If a player dies, he will turn into a Hater. Your own dead body may appear as a Hater in your own game or another players game if you send them there from the character storage in the Waiting Room.