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Choku-Funsha is a shop in the Waiting Room responsible for the Research & Development of equipment, managed by Kommodore Suzuki. If you give him Blueprints found in the Tower of Barbs, he will be able to develop mass-produced versions of that equipment to sell in his store. He charges KC.png Kill Coins for equipment, though also uses SPL.png SPLithium for R&D.

Gyaku-Funsha is a similar shop that can be found in the Tower, operated by Suzuki's twin brother, Kommodore Kawasaki.

Services[edit | edit source]

Kommodore Suzuki will permanently sell any weapons or armor that the player has developed at his shop. After purchasing an item, there will be a Restock time to wait until the item will be available to purchase again. If you wish, this time can be bypassed by using DM.png 1. The player can also sell any item to him from their Death Bag or Storage. Typically selling is not very profitable unless selling things like Golden Beasts. If the player has any unknown Bluprints in their Death Bag when they visit Choku-Funsha, Suzuki will automatically take them and develop a prototype.

R&D[edit | edit source]

Once Choku-Funsha has the blueprints, the player can check what they need to R&D an improved version, as well as view what the improved stats will be. This will cost varying amounts of Materials, SPL.png SPLithium, and time. Once started, development time can be anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours. If you wish, this time can be bypassed by using DM.png 1.

R&D Equipment: