Corinthian Bronze

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Corinthian Bronze is a 7-Star Copper-type Material for developing and upgrading weapons and armor at Chokufunsha.

Locations[edit | edit source]

As a 7-Star Material, Corinthian Bronze only appears on Copper-specific floors in TENGOKU. It becomes more common the higher you climb.

May also be obtained as a reward from Lost Bags, appear in the daily Hernia lineup, and be bought once-per-day in the Bloodnium Exchange for BL.png 2000.

Copper-specific Floors
Floor Name Rotation
58F+ TENGOKU 66F, 73F, 81F, 88F, etc.

Uses[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Tier is a level of power typically based on the number of times equipment has changed forms, not the number of stars it has.

Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Strike Hammer + UC ★★★★ 24
DOD Murderous Rake + UC ★★★★ 24
DOD Plasma Welding Gun + UC ★★★★★★ 24
DOD Static Massager UC ★★★★★★ 24
WE Bronson Magnum E UC ★★★★ 24
WE Hellhound T4 ★★★★★★★ 80
CW Axe of Destruction S UC ★★★★★ 24
CW Classic Lion Knuckles S UC ★★★★★★ 24
CW Ouroboros T4 ★★★★★★★ 50
MILK Hornet Saber A TDM UC ★★★★★★ 24
MILK Spiked Boxing Glove A UC ★★★★★ 24
MILK Executioner's Ride A UC ★★★★★★ 24
MILK Executioner's Ride A TDM UC ★★★★★★ 24
MILK Thunderbolt T4 ★★★★★★★ 40
None Jackal Yo-Yo D T4 ★★★★★★★ 30
Head Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Driller Killer Mask + UC ★★★★ 18
WE Assault Master Head E UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Night Raider Head WoT04 UC ★★★★★ 18
WE Tank Commander Helmet Ver.4 UC ★★★★ 18
CW Swordmaster Helmet S UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Bishop's Cowl S UC ★★★★★ 18
CW Berserker Helmet S UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Black Belt Terror Head A UC ★★★★★★ 18
None Jackal X Head D T4 ★★★★★★★ 25
None Jackal Y Head D T4 ★★★★★★★ 25
None Jackal Z Head D T4 ★★★★★★★ 25
None Jackal Z Head D UC ★★★★★★★ 60
Body Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Battle Trucker Apron + UC ★★★★ 18
DOD White Steel Body UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Ghost Sniper Body E UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Hades Knight Armor S UC ★★★★★ 18
CW Knight's Armor A ZX UC ★★★★★ 18
CW Arahabaki Armor S RE UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Dark Rogue Armor S UC ★★★★ 18
None Jackal Z Body D T4 ★★★★★★★ 25
Leg Armor
Faction Name Tier Stars Total
DOD Steel Madman Pants + UC ★★★★★ 18
DOD Alien Roadster Pants + UC ★★★★★★ 18
DOD Road Killer Pants + UC ★★★★ 18
WE Exo-combat Pants E UC ★★★★★★ 18
WE Red Napalm Pants UC ★★★★★★ 18
CW Avatar of Zard Leggings S UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Murderer Hockey Pants A UC ★★★★★ 18
MILK Execution Rider Pants A UC ★★★★★★ 18
MILK Hell Slugger Pants A UC ★★★★ 18
None Jackal Z Pants D T4 ★★★★★★★ 25

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, it takes at least 1081 Corinthian Bronze to complete its uses.
  • Corinthian Bronze was a high-grade form of bronze which was mainly referenced in texts from around the 1st millennia BC onward. It was heralded as a high quality alloy of copper with another type of precious metal, usually silver or gold. While it was disputed even during its time, one legend of the materials creation posits that it was formed during the burning of the ancient city of Corinth by pure accident. As noted, this was most likely disproved once it was seen that there were uses of the metal in earlier times, though it is was still extremely valuable during its time for the high quality of its production.