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Attack Up 50%
"Tough and sinewy, this mushroom increases muscle strength for a short time. Often used for doping, it is delicious when grilled."
When Eaten EFFDamageUp.png Attack Up 50%
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 20 HP EXP ico.jpg 10 EXP
Effect Time 30 Seconds/Stack
Sell KC.png 10 KC
When Eaten EFFDamageUp.png Attack Up 50%
Eaten Cooked Bonus EFFHP.png 30 HP EXP ico.jpg 20 EXP
Effect Time 40 Seconds/Stack
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Grilled Crushroom.png

A muscly-looking mushroom that increases the damage you deal. Somewhat of a counterpart to the Toughshroom, which decreases the damage you take. They are found as early as Floor 1 of the Tower, growing on the ground or from the corpses of dead Screamers. While a good boost early on, Crushrooms are not as strong as Stingshrooms or Red Stingshrooms, though they don't have the drawback of increasing the damage you take.

Attack Up[]

This effect will increase your Attack by 50%. One of the most useful mushrooms early on, it can make a noticeable difference with some of the first Boss fights, though it doesn't boost Attack as much as Stingshrooms or Red Stingshrooms. You may want to save a couple in storage to use against Bosses or during Raids. This effect Stacks, meaning that if you eat multiple of this shroom, the effect duration will continue to increase.

The effect will not stack alongside any variant of Stingshroom, you will only keep the effect from the last one eaten.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
165 Mushroom Finding #005 Collect Collect Crushroom x10 in the tower. Tuber2.png Bullet Metal KC.png 500 KC
Crushshroom Image.jpg