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D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metals are 1-Star Faction Metals for developing and upgrading weapons and armor at Choku-Funsha.


D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metals may drop from COEN on 3F TAMATA. The boss room will always be right next to the elevator, so farming this metal is fairly simple. His only other drops are D.O.D. ARMS equipment or Kill Coins.

May also be obtained at Gyaku-Funsha shops, as a reward from Quests or Lost Bags, the daily Hernia lineup, or from Uncle Prime.
The Forcemen may drop this metal on Hard difficulty.
You can purchase this metal for RE.png 50000 from the R-Point Exchange.

Trap Rooms on certain floors may contain Faction Metals. A Trap Room is a room containing a single Golden Chest, which, when opened, will seal the entrance to the room and spawn enemies that must be killed before the room can be unlocked again. The chest will always contain either a Faction Metal of that Area's color or one color below, or Kill Coins. The first four color tiers are Blue, Green, Black and Red. Certain Faction Metals can only naturally be found this way, as there is no Mid-Boss for certain Factions in some Areas. Certain Trap Rooms may not always appear, based on tower rotation. See this spreadsheet.

Following an update, Haters may now drop Golden Chests with drops like a Trap Room within that Area, making them a new source of Faction Metals.

Floors in Bold are connected to the main elevator.

Trap Rooms
Floor Name Primary Notes
3F TAMATA BLUE TRAP: Three Screamers. Will not spawn WED / SUN.
3F KAMI-IKEDOI BLUE TRAP: Three Screamers. Only MON / TUE / FRI(?) / SAT.
6F MOKA-MAGOME BLUE TRAP: Five Screamers. Will not spawn MON / THU.
11F NOKEJIRI GREEN TRAP: Two Bone Tubers, 1 Screamer. Will not spawn TUE / SAT.
18F TEMO-UMA GREEN TRAP: Two Mk-3 Bullet , Bone Tuber
19F CHITOSE-MEI GREEN TRAP: Five Screamers. Will not spawn MON / THU.
Floor Name Rotation
Cost: KC.png 20000


For all non-Event gear it currently takes 142 to complete its uses. Event gear uses an additional 43, for an complete total of 185.

NOTE: Tier is a level of power typically based on the number of times equipment has changed forms, not the number of stars it has.

D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal
Type Faction Name Tier Stars Total
Center DOD Nail Gun T1 ★★ 5
Center DOD Zombie Chopper + T4 ★★★★★★ 10
Center WE KAMAS-SP Assault Rifle T3 ★★★★ 11
Center WE KAMAS-SP Assault Rifle RE T3 ★★★★ 11
Center CW Wand of Conflagration T3 ★★★★★ 14
Center CW Spirit Lance T3 ★★★★ 8
Center MILK Murderer's Hockey Stick T3 ★★★ 3
Center DOD DIY Attack Head + T2 ★★ 1
Center DOD Driller Killer Mask + T4 ★★★★ 10
Center CW Hades Knight Helmet T3 ★★★★ 16
Center DOD Steel Soldier Apron + T2 ★★ 3
Center DOD Steel Madman Body T2 ★★★★ 5
Center WE Officer Ryback Body E T4 ★★★★ 10
Center WE Phantom Commando Body T3 ★★★★ 5
Center DOD Happy Wheeler Pants + T2 ★★★★ 8
Center DOD Battle Trucker Pants + T4 ★★★★ 5
Center DOD Road Killer Pants + T4 ★★★★ 5
Center WE Phantom Commando Pants E T4 ★★★★★ 11
Event Gear
Type Faction Name Tier Stars Total
Center CW Knight's Helm ZX T3 ★★★★ 16
Center None Ultra 3D Glasses W1 T1 ★★★ 1
Center DOD Travis' Jacket 3 T3 ★★★★ 15
Center WE Phantom Soldier Pants WoT04 T4 ★★★★★ 11