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Dasahi-Machi - 8F
Enemies Beasts
This area contains the following enemies:

and rarely:
This area contains 3 beasts from among:
Frog, Rat, Red Scorpion
Materials Shrooms
This area contains 5 materials from among:
This area contains 2 shrooms from among:
Heartshroom, Toughshroom, Crushroom, Boomshroom, Fluffy Fungus, Doomshroom, Yogashroom

Welcome to Dasahi-Machi, an area on Floor 8 of the Tower of Barbs!

It appears only during rotation 2 (Sunday and Tuesdays).


It contains a room with 4 Bullet Tuber Mk1. So it is a viable source of Bullet Metal.

OR it could contain a room with 6-7 bone tubers

-recomend either luring them out 1 by 1 (ranged weapon prefered) or charging in and letting them splash each other (very dangerous), or try baiting out a dash for a free hit. Using rage bar is highly recomended to change the tide of battle

Connecting Areas[]