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Death 'roids are used to uncap fighters who have reached their maximum level (through conventional leveling up means).


Currently, there are 5 variants of Death 'Roids (arranged by rarity):

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Blue Death 'Roids, Green Death 'Roids, Black Death 'Roids, Red Death 'Roids, and Purple Death 'Roids.

The Blue , Green , Black, Red , and Purple 'Roids are now useable to enhance your fighters even further to their full potential.


Death 'roids are obtainable within the floor of TENGOKU. They may be found in a challenge room (whether as a reward or dropped by a treasure tuber) or from a treasure chest dropped by "red named haters"

Death 'Roids may also be obtained from the Hernia Vending Machine using its Bloodnium Exchange option.


Death 'Roids are used by approaching the Mingo Head with a fully maxed out character. The player would then be presented with the option to further increase the stats of their fighters.

If the player chooses to uncap their fighter, the needed amount of the specific Death 'Roid along with the Bloodnium cost proportional to the upgrade done would be deducted from their inventory should they finalize uncapping.

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