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Death Metal are a premium currency in Let It Die that can be purchased using real-world currency in the Playstation Store.

Obtaining Death Metal[]

Death Metals can be obtained through:

Playstation Store Cost
Cost USD Death Metals DM/$1USD
$4.99 10 2.004
$13.99 30 2.144
$32.99 80 2.425
$60.99 160 2.623
$99.99 280 2.800

Spending Death Metal[]

  • Kill Coin Exchange: You can exchange Death Metal for Kill Coins. The exchange rate is 1 Death Metal to 5000 Kill Coins.
  • Expanding Storage: You can expand the Storage Room using Death Metal in the DH Services Menu. For 2 Death Metal you can buy another 10 slots. These slots will always be usable.
  • Chokufunsha Time Reduction: Using Death Metal you can reduce the time it takes to perform R&D or restock items at Chokufunsha.
  • Hernia: Death Metal is used to buy a majority of the items in the Hernia Vending Machine in the waiting room.
  • Continue Insurance: If the player is killed in the Tower of Barbs, they can spend 1 Death Metal to revive unless they were killed by any of the Jackals.