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Direct Hell Insurance is an insurance service offered by Direct Hell, through their sales agent, Kiwako Seto. There are multiple types of services offered, most of which are available through spending Death Metal or by having an active Direct Hell Express Pass. It can be accessed directly through the "DH Service" option in the Options Menu.

Direct Hell Express[]

DH Express is a subscription service offered with the intention of benefiting players who want to climb the Tower faster or more efficiently.
Only 30-Day Passes may be bought directly, but 1-Day Passes are often given out through Login Bonuses. Passes may be included in other packs.

The benefits offered are as follows:

1. Express Login Bonuses

2. Royal Elevator

3. Death Bag Royal Slots

4. Salvage Discount

5. Attack Insurance

6. TDM DH Express

7. Bloodnium Bonus


  • Access the PlayStation Store
  • Convert Death Metals
  • Expand Storage
  • Use Express Pass
  • Auto-renew
  • Currency Details