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In your Fighter Freezer, you can send your unassigned Fighters on Expeditions.
They can be sent after players on specific floors to collect materials, where they will be seen as Red-named Hunters.

As attacker[]

After choosing a target player and the time of the expedition, your Fighter enters the target player's game for the duration of the time given. The fighter appears as a "Hunter" in place of regular Haters on the target player's game. You will receive resources regardless of if your Hunter kills the target player or not.

The floor the Fighter will be sent is shown underneath the player. You can only send Fighters on floors you have already been to.

It is possible to send Fighters on "Revenge" expeditions to players that have sent Hunters to you, have won a Raid against you or have killed you during a Raid.

Expeditions are restricted to people with the same highest fighter grade as you. They must also currently be online and in the Tower.

It is generally considered common courtesy by the community to send naked or barely-geared fighters, to not make other player's climb/grind harder than it already is.

As recipient[]

After a player sends a Fighter on an expedition targeting you, when entering the Tower of Barbs, you will get a message saying "Hunter has been sent". They will appear as a regular Hater, except with a red name tag instead of orange.


Rewards received are based on the floor that the Hunter was sent to.
Time sent will not influence rewards received at all. 1 Hour or 12 Hours will yield the same results.
Rewards can be a combination of the following:

  • Up to ~10k KC KC.png (More from higher floors)
  • Up to ~10k SPL SPL.png (More from higher floors)
  • Any Beast
  • Any Shroom (Even Seasonal Shrooms)
  • Golden Beasts/Shrooms can be received if the floor has a guaranteed spawn chance for them (e.g. 13F OKUSA for Golden Snails)
  • Broken Equipment pieces