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The Fighter Freezer is a facility in the Waiting Room. The Fighter Freezer is used for storing Fighters when they aren't in active use. Initially, it allows you to keep 3 Fighters at once; capacity can be increased up to 10 by purchasing upgrades with SPLithium in the Waiting Room > Defense Equipment menu at the Tokyo Death Metro Front.

The Freezer can be used to purchase new Fighters (must have an empty slot first), check Fighters' stats, select a new active Fighter, send Fighters on expeditions, and revive Haterfied Fighters for Kill Coins. You can also use this menu to view and manage Fighters' Death Bags, change decals, rename Fighters, or permanently remove Fighters. Removing a Fighter awards an amount of SPLithium based on their level.


Level Cost (SPLithium) Fighter Slots Time to Upgrade
1 Default 3 -
2 2,000 4 000:30
3 4,000 5 001:00
4 8,000 6 006:00
5 16,000 7 012:00
6 32,000 8 024:00
7 64,000 9 048:00
8 128,000 10 072:00