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A large dark-colored fish that can usually be found wherever there is any bit of water among the ruins. Much more potent at healing than the usual smaller beasts you've encountered on the lower level floors. Prior to the addition of the Goggly Boleo, the Fish was much more common and easily found. It seems the Goggly Boleo has replaced the Fish with a higher spawn frequency.

Killing a Fish will produce a Fishy Fungus.

Like most beasts, it has a rare golden variant, the Golden Fish.


"Distribution: Primarily Jackson's area."
"Size: 28 in."
"Scientific Name: Micropterus squama"
"Driven from its habitat by the Earth Rage, it has adapted to live among the sewage."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 360 HP (M)
Cooked Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 500 HP (L)

Sell Price: KC ico.png 448 KC (Raw/Cooked)
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 32 EXP (Raw), EXP ico.jpg 64 EXP (Cooked)


Fish are first encountered on the floors controlled by Colonel Jackson.



  • Requires two stomps in order to render the Fish unconscious before being able to catch it.
  • Worth having a few of them grilled as your primarily healing food instead of the Frog, Rat, Scorpion.
  • Fish do not make an audible vocal sound but you can hear them when they leap out of the water. Listen for a "plopping" sound.
  • Can be difficult to find since Goggly Boleo was added.
  • Can also be obtained as a reward by sending Fighters on Expeditions.
  • Throwing a Fish on dry land will result in it dying a few seconds later and producing its mushroom.