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Fluffy Fungus
REM Sleep
Fluffy Fungus
"Has a round, cotton-like cap, and poisonous spores. Just touching it will put you to sleep. Do not trust its sweet smell."
When Eaten EFFSleep.png REM Sleep
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 20 HP EXP ico.jpg 10 EXP
Effect Time 20 Seconds/Unstack
When Thrown EFFSleep.png REM Sleep
Effect Time 20 Seconds/Unstack
Sell KC.png 10 KC
When Eaten EFFSleep.png Non-REM Sleep
Eaten Cooked Bonus EFFHP.png 30 HP EXP ico.jpg 20 EXP
Effect Time 40 Seconds/Unstack
When Thrown EFFSleep.png Non-REM Sleep
Effect Time 40 Seconds/Unstack
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Fluffy Fungus1.png
Grilled Fluffy Fungus1.png
Fluffy Fungus2.png
Grilled Fluffy Fungus2.png

Fluffy Fungus are puffy-shaped shrooms that can be thrown at enemies to make them sleepy, immobilizing them.

REM Sleep[]

When thrown, this shroom will explode into a small white cloud of spores that lingers for about a second. This cloud will afflict REM Sleep on Screamers, Haters, or the Player upon any of them making contact with the cloud. Tubers and Bosses are immune. Anyone under the effect becomes drowsy, stumbling around in a stupor with "Zzz's" floating out of their head. Enemies are unable to attack, and become vulnerable to a Suplex move to throw them on the ground if approached from behind. However, being hit even once will cancel the effect, though there is a short moment an enemy will shake their head before actually regaining control.

If the Player is under this effect, they can only move around slowly while dazed. You can swap your weapons, though you are unable to attack or eat any consumables. You are also unable to open the options menu. The only way to remove this effect is by waiting it out, walking off a ledge, or being hit by something, so take care when throwing these.

The immobilization effect of these shrooms is very similar to the Blindness effect from Frongus and Croakstool, though unlike those, this effect can be negated after a single hit. However, there are multiple Decals that can negate Blindness, but no Decals exist that negate REM Sleep. When Grilled, the REM Sleep effect also lasts longer than both Frongus and Croakstool. Despite that, Frongus will still typically be much more common and useful, though you could consider Fluffy Fungus as a replacement in some niche cases, or just as an alternative in a pinch. For example, using a Fluffy Fungus can nearly guarantee a Suplex on an enemy to get them on the ground, where you can continue attacking them for longer then you would be able to if you had simply hit them.

This effect does not stack, so using additional shrooms will not increase the time that this effect is active. You will have to wait for the first instance of the effect to expire before activating another.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
162 Mushroom Finding #002 Collect Collect Fluffy Fungus x10 in the tower. KC.png 5000 KC KC.png 500 KC
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