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Candle Wolf
Slash 050% Blunt 050% Piercing 070%
Fire 080% Electric 075% Poison 100%

GOTO-9 is the third mid-boss the player will encounter in Let It Die. He represents the Candle Wolf Faction and will drop Candle Wolf Faction Metals.


GOTO-9 is 8 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 1,410 pounds. He was created by combining multiple people into one. He was an unfinished experiment and suffers from poor vision and hearing, but can paralyze foes with the venomous spray emitted from his extremely large mouth, and uses his long tongue to steal precious items from his victims. He can also swallow victims whole, digest them within his body, and then regurgitate them as his brainwashed servants who then will fight alongside him.
— Mother Barbs

Uncle Death Quotes:

  • "Senpai... I think we have another mini boss on our hands. And uh... This one doesn't even look human." - GOTO-9 boss fight, 11F MAKA-TSUTSUMI.

Uncle Death Mail:

The Bridging Mid-Boss (post-11F GOTO-9)
Dear Senpai,

You guessed it, me again.
Congrats on defeating your 3rd
mid boss! This one was the
weirdest yet, huh? Of course,
you'll see it again.
Oh yeah, can you do a bridge, Senpai?
I tried to copy that mid-boss,
but I think I did something to my
bones. Ha ha. Heard a big "crack"
sound, actually. Thought you'd
find it funny. Got kinda off-topic
there, huh?

Yeah, better not try and emulate
it. Or whatever.

The Last Mid-Boss (post-32F U-10)
Dear Senpai,

Nice work with that Mid-Boss!
That thing was weird, huh? I
mean, what's with that tail?
Now, according to rumors, that
flabby Mid-boss and the rotting
girl one got a romance going on,
and somehow a child was born
from the Bridging Mid-Boss. That
child was that tailed Mid-Boss.
Yeah, I have no idea what the
hell that means either. Ha ha!
Anyway, there are some weird
things in the world.

Anyway, you defeated it, so
kudos, Senpai. I'll keep rootin' for ya!


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
069 ★★ Hunting GOTO-9 #001 Destroy Defeat GOTO-9. KC.png 10000 KC KC.png 1000 KC
070 ★★ Hunting GOTO-9 #002 Destroy Defeat GOTO-9 x3. Tuber3.png Hovering Metal KC.png 1000 KC
071 ★★★ Hunting GOTO-9 #003 Destroy Defeat GOTO-9 x1 in ECHIZEN-JIMA. DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 2000 KC
072 ★★★★ Hunting GOTO-9 #004 Destroy Defeat GOTO-9 x1 in ITANODAI. DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC
078 ★★★★ Hunting 3 SHOCKS TERROR #001 Destroy Without returning to the Waiting Room: Defeat the 3 Shock Terrors
COEN, JIN-DIE, and GOTO-9, along with U-10.
DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC


Quest Destroy GOTO 9.png
Lv. 3 2150 HP
400 EXP 72 ABP


On Floor 11 - MAKA-TSUTSUMI, the GOTO-9 Boss Room there is a body with 4 non-usable Heartshrooms lying on the floor. Halfway between the body and the gate to an escalator, a cutscene will trigger and GOTO-9 will make its entrance.

This version of GOTO-9 is relatively underpowered compared to most of the other bosses. Its charging bite can be easily sidestepped, giving you opportunity to attack. Wait until it uses its charging bite or jump/shockwave attack, run in to give it one or two hits, and dodge roll away. GOTO-9 will also occasionally enter a red aura state, in which it walks very slowly in an attempt to bait you into melee range, where it will suddenly give you a fast bite. This is a good opportunity to use ranged weapons, or you can drop a Crushroom or Stingshroom on the ground to open GOTO-9 up to attack. If you don't have any ranged weapons or mushrooms, either run in and touch GOTO-9 then dodge roll away to cancel its aura, or simply wait until the aura fades.



This version of GOTO-9 has 6 different attacks.

  • It vomits slime onto the ground. The slime is limited to a triangle directly in front of GOTO-9's mouth and it persists on the ground for a short while. While this attack does not hurt you, it causes you to slip and fall to the ground, giving GOTO-9 an opportunity to attack you.
  • It has a bite attack. While you are standing, it charge forward to you as it bites and knocks you down. After you are knocked down, it bites repeatedly, causing significant damage to both you and your equipment.
  • After receiving significant damage, GOTO-9 emits a red aura. If you are nearby, it performs its bite attack. If there are any mushrooms in the arena during this phase, it instead rushes towards the mushroom and eat it. Mushrooms without any negative effects like Lifeshroom and Heartshroom will heal GOTO-9, while Stingshrooms, Gambleshrooms, and the like with negative effect will cause GOTO-9 to ram its head into a wall, knocking it on its back and leaving itself vulnerable to attack.
  • It swings its tongue in an arc in front of its mouth. This attack causes knockback and covers a wide area; even standing too close to GOTO-9's side can result in a hit. When GOTO-9 is about to use this, it will pause and stick its tongue out just a little before using the full attack.
  • It jumps straight up into the air then body slams onto where it jumped from, creating a shockwave that knocks you back and deals damage.
  • It rolls into a ball and barrels towards you, causing damage and throwing you to the ground. GOTO-9 will do this twice in a row, then pause to catch its breath, leaving it open to attack. It will only use this attack once its health has been brought into the orange/red.


Lv. 7 10500 HP
600 EXP 74 ABP


On Floor 23 - ECHIZEN-JIMA, the GOTO-9 Boss Room can be found leading towards one of the up escalators. The room itself is typically near the elevator and has steps leading down to both entrances of the room. The entrances themselves have portcullises above them and a valve next to each door that allows you to open them after the boss fight is over. The room also has 4 boxes in it that are in a loose square formation.

This GOTO-9 is much tougher than the one on Floor 11, meaning it will require much more strategy. The best strategy involves a combination of Slowmungus (rare, only appears starting at floor 21) or Transparungus (semi-rare, appears on floors 11-20) and Stingshrooms. While invisible or time-stopped, simply hit GOTO-9 with a Blunt element weapon until it's dead.

If you are using Transparungus, GOTO-9 with slowly wander around the arena while you hit it. If you use Slowmungus, GOTO-9 will try to attack you, but will be moving so slowly that you can to spend the entire 15 seconds of slow time hitting it before it finishes a single attack.

If these specific mushrooms are unavailable, you can also throw any non-exploding mushroom on the ground as a distraction. If GOTO-9 eats a Crushroom, Stingshroom, or Gambleshroom, it will ram into a wall and this will give you a chance to attack for extra damge. GOTO-9 will gradually regain health as it eats, but if you can deal more damage than it heals, this is a very good strategy. You can even throw the mushrooms into the arena before starting the fight.

Otherwise, go with the strategy used on the Floor 11 GOTO-9. Let it attempt to bite you, sidestep and give its side a hit or two, then dodge roll away. Be VERY careful not to get over-confident; this GOTO-9 has very high attack power, so not getting hit is essential. It can also be blinded by an Iron's rage move, leaving it helpless for about 5 seconds. This is best used when it has low health, to prevent it from using its rolling attack.



This GOTO-9 has the same attacks as on Floor 11, plus two new ones.

  • It vomits up a skeleton armed with a machete. This skeleton is independent from GOTO-9 and follows you around the boss room, attempting to hit you. The skeleton is relatively weak in both attack and defense, though it is unaffected by Goto's friendly fire. Just before GOTO-9 uses this ability, it'll reach into its mouth to spew out a bit of slime and the skeleton, giving you a brief opportunity to attack.
  • It shoots its tongue at you in a straight line, like a frog. If the tongue attack connects, it will strip a piece of gear from you, and GOTO-9 will eat the item, healing considerably. Before using this, it will crouch its front legs down and open its mouth once, then repeat the action as it attacks. It will also often make a distinctive yell.

In addition, its basic attacks are improved from the Floor 11 version:

  • It can perform the rolling charge at any health level, and will roll up to three times instead of two. At low health, it will perform the roll attack more frequently.
  • At low health, GOTO-9's jump attack can home in toward you instead of merely jumping up and down in place.


Lv. 10 45000 HP
800 EXP 76 ABP


On Floor 36 - ITANODAI, the GOTO-9 Boss Room will have three red chests on one side, and will probably have one or two Lavashrooms in the arena. Be careful around the edges, because there are gaps in the wall which allow you to fall to your death with an errant roll or knockback.

As with the Floor 23 version, take advantage of the red aura and mushrooms that will send GOTO-9 into a wall. Use these windows of opportunity to attack. The optimal weapon to use is the Death Burner Iron, but any high-damage weapon will work.



This GOTO-9 has the same attacks as on Floor 23, plus its basic attacks are improved from the Floor 23 version:

  • It can perform the targeted jump attack at any health level.

GOTO-9 Mk-2[]

Lv. 50 ? HP 5000 EXP
Lv. 51 ? HP 5100 EXP
Lv. 52 ? HP 5200 EXP
Lv. 53 ? HP 5300 EXP
Lv. 54 ? HP 5400 EXP
Lv. 55 ? HP 5500 EXP
Lv. 56 ? HP 5600 EXP
Lv. 57 ? HP 5700 EXP
Lv. 58 ? HP 5800 EXP
Lv. 59 ? HP 5900 EXP
Lv. 60 ? HP 6000 EXP
70 ABP



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