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Golden Fishy Fungus
Golden Fishy Fungus
"Feeds on dead Golden Fish and is more potent than the Fishy Fungi. A true delicacy with soft, moist flesh."
When Eaten EFFConfusion.png Confusion
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 20 HP EXP ico.jpg 100 EXP
Effect Time 60 Seconds/Stack
When Thrown EFFConfusion.png Confusion
Effect Time 60 Seconds/Stack
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Golden Fishy Fungus1.png
Golden Fishy Fungus2.png

A stronger version of the Fishy Fungus, found on dead Golden Fish. Like all other Golden mushrooms, it cannot be cooked.


  • Helpful for crowd control if you find yourself surrounded by Haters and or Screamers. This will cause them to fight each other, giving you time to run, heal or counterattack.
  • Since the Fishy Fungus effect stacks, this mushroom can be used effectively against the Jackals individually by locking them in a state of Confusion. It will allow you to attack them as they wander around without them focusing on you.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
194 ★★ Beast Hunting #005 Collect Capture Fish x10 in the tower. Golden Fish KC.png 1000 KC
221 ★★ Beast Hunting #013 Collect Capture Goggly Boleo x10 in the tower. Golden Fish KC.png 1000 KC