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Golden Mouseshroom
Rage Gauge +7 (L)
Golden Mouseshroom
"Feeds on dead Golden Rats and directly stimulates the brain, increasing aggression. Surprisingly tasty."
When Eaten EFFRage.png Rage Gauge +7 (L)
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 20 HP EXP ico.jpg 100 EXP
Effect Time Instant
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Golden Mouseshroom.png

A stronger version of the Mouseshroom, found on dead Golden Rats. Like all other Golden mushrooms, it cannot be cooked.

Rage Gauge[]

  • Though the Rage Gauge normally has a limit of 5 bars, these shrooms will still fill up to 7 bars in TDM raids, but only during Fights when the limit is increased due to your team having the Hate Bonus.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
191 Beast Hunting #002 Collect Capture Rat x10 in the tower. Golden Rat KC.png 500 KC