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A rare genetic variation of the normal Snail.

Crushing a Golden Snail will produce a Golden Snailshroom. Like all other Golden beasts, it cannot be cooked.


"Distribution: Unknown."
"Size: 16 in."
"Scientific Name: Euhadra testa"
"Has turned gold due to a sudden genetic change, possibly connected to the Earth Rage. Very rare."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Fully Restores HP.

Sell Price: KC ico.png 7392 KC
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 4560 EXP


Golden Snails may appear in areas where regular Snails would spawn.

Can also farm up to 3 on Okusa - 13F on Rotation 2 (Tuesdays & Saturdays).



  • Farming Golden Snails from Okusa is a great way to get EXP for new Fighters.
  • You can run up to a Snail and stomp it unconscious before it's poison cloud can affect it.
  • Throw uncooked beasts at Snails that are attached to walls or ceilings in order to knock them down.
    • Using the Fireworks weapon is another way to knock them down, though rockets wont cook them as Golden beasts do not burn
  • Although excellent at healing when eaten, they're also useful for their poison when using the Poison Eater Decal. This lets the snail heal you infinitely over time while also letting you eat it for quick health in an emergency.