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Gyakufunsha or Gyaku-Funsha, sometimes called the "Wandering Shop" or "Secret Shop" by players, is a mobile shop run by the former black market weapons trader, Kommando Kawasaki, and is the sister shop of Chokufunsha, run by his twin brother Kommodore Suzuki. Gyakufunsha sells R&D Materials and Blueprints across multiple areas of the Tower of Barbs, with different stock depending on where you find it. The materials he sells can often give climbers an edge in upgrading equipment faster and sooner than without the help of the shop.

Gyakufunsha can only appear on specific Shop floors, denoted on the map with a dotted-line shop icon. When reaching these locations, the dotted line fills in and becomes solid black if Gyakufunsha has appeared, but the shop appearing is not guaranteed. The shop's stock is different depending on the floor it appears at, and only 1 of each item can be bought at a time. Gyakufunsha will leave 1 Hour after being found, and may not always re-appear at the same floor. Even after an hour, the icon does not update automatically, and the player will need to move floors before the icon changes. Only one instance of Gyakufunsha may be active at a time.

However, due to the permanent Tectonic Terror event "Gyakufunsha’s Moving Cart!!", Gyakufunsha will always appear on 3F OMOKI and 27F YUKIYOSHI on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, with higher quality items in stock. 1 Hour still needs to pass after entering the floor before the shop will restock on these floors. Moving with an escalator must still be done to make the shop restock.

Locating Gyakufunsha[]

Floor Name MON TUE

Map Icons depicting the status of Gyakufunsha. Top indicates a shop that has yet to appear, or has left; the bottom icon will display when the shop is present.

Gyakufunsha is not "hiding" on a floor until the player happens to find it. The shop can only appear when a player visits a shop floor to look for it. The shop will only appear on specific shop floors, and some floors only appear on certain days of the week. Gyakufunsha can only exist in one location at a time; once it appears on a floor, 1 hour must pass before it can appear anywhere else. When Gyakufunsha has left, the icon on the map will once again fade. The map will not update to reflect that the shop has left until the player changes locations by moving up or down a floor.

If Gyakufunsha has appeared:

  • The shop will remain in that location for 1 hour, based on the time the player entered the floor.
    • During this hour, the shop will not move locations or restock, even if the player changes floors.
  • After an hour, the shop will leave the location it was at and restock (once the player changes floors).
  • When re-entering the floor the shop originally appeared, there is a chance for it to appear again on the same floor. This is most commonly seen with the shop floors on 3F and 27F, as those shops are nearly guaranteed to appear.

If Gyakufunsha did not appear:

  • If a player arrives at a shop floor, and the shop has not appeared at the desired location, the player must do one of the following. Returning to the same shop without performing either of these actions will not provide another chance for the shop to spawn.
    • Return to the Waiting Room, then return to that location again.
    • Travel to another Gyakufunsha shop location.
      • Before returning to the Waiting Room, every shop floor visited where the shop doesn't appear will increase the odds for the next shop visited to appear.
      • The absolute cap for this is 4 shops. For example, if you visited 3 different shop floors in a row, and they were all empty, the 4th shop floor you visited would always appear.
        • In practice, shops will typically spawn by the time you check the 3rd location.

Items and Prices[]

Gyakufunsha only sells 1 of each item offered at a time.

1-Star Materials : Iron1.png Iron Scraps, Aluminum1.png Aluminum Scraps, Copper1.png Clump of Copper Scraps, Wood1.png Veneer Plank, Oil1.png Waste Oil
2-Star Materials ★★: Iron2.png Wire Mountain, Aluminum2.png Aluminum Can, Copper2.png Piece of Broken Copperware, Wood2.png MDF, Oil2.png Vegetable Oil
3-Star Materials ★★★: Iron3.png Mass of Iron Bolts, Aluminum3.png Aluminum Engine Part, Copper3.png Copper Wire Mountain, Wood3.png Rosewood, Oil3.png Crude Oil
4-Star Materials ★★★★: Iron4.png Steel, Aluminum4.png Pure Aluminum, Copper4.png Pure Copper, Wood4.png Walnut, Oil4.png Mineral Oil
5-Star Materials ★★★★★: Iron5.png Ultra-pure Iron, Aluminum5.png Aluminum Alloy 7075, Copper5.png Oxygen-free Copper, Wood5.png Mahogany, Oil5.png Chemo-synthesized Oil
Fibers: Fiber1.png Cotton, Fiber2.png Hemp, Fiber3.png Leather, Fiber4.png Wool, Fiber5.png Silk
Item Price Shop Floor
3F 5F 7F 9F 14F 17F 24F 27F 27F 29F 30F 33F 39F
1-Star Materials KC.png 2000
2-Star Materials ★★ KC.png 4000
3-Star Materials ★★★ KC.png 6000
4-Star Materials ★★★★ KC.png 8000
5-Star Materials ★★★★★ KC.png 10000
Fibers Fiber1.png Fiber2.png Fiber3.png Fiber4.png Fiber5.png KC.png 2000
Tuber1.png Scratch Metal KC.png 10000
Tuber2.png Bullet Metal ★★ KC.png 20000
Tuber3.png Hovering Metal ★★★ KC.png 30000
Tuber4.png Bone Metal ★★★★ KC.png 40000
Tuber5.png Reversal Metal ★★★★★ KC.png 50000
DOD Blue.png WE Blue.png CW Blue.png MILK Blue.png Blue Faction Metals KC.png 20000
DOD Green.png WE Green.png CW Green.png MILK Green.png Green Faction Metals ★★ KC.png 30000
DOD Black.png WE Black.png CW Black.png MILK Black.png Black Faction Metals ★★★ KC.png 40000
DOD Red.png WE Red.png CW Red.png MILK Red.png Red Faction Metals ★★★★ KC.png 50000


Weapon and armor blueprints can be purchased from the Wandering Shop. Each shop will only offer up to three blueprints at a time, and will not sell any more until the shop is respawned.

These blueprints are not randomly stocked there is a predetermined catalog of blueprints at each location. Within this prearranged stock, there are two fundamental criteria that determine which blueprints are available for purchase at any given shop:

  • the floor that the shop is found on, and-
  • any blueprints that the player has already discovered and turned in.

Regarding the latter condition, the shop will only sell blueprints that the player has not yet found and submitted to Choku-Funsha. To reiterate: Unidentified blueprints that the player has found in the tower and not yet deciphered can still be stocked and purchased in the Wandering Shop! Turn in your blueprints at the Waiting Room before you make a trip to the Wandering shop!

The former criteria is more complicated. As explained in the main article devoted to Blueprints, there are certain locations that one may find any given blueprint in the game (at least, among those that can be found in chests throughout the Tower of Barbs). The same is also true for the Wandering Shop. In general, wherever one encounters the Shop, one should expect to be able to purchase any blueprints that can drop from the nearby floors.

  • Note that on the Blueprints page linked above, some blueprints are found only in subsections of an area (eg. only 2-5 or 6-10, but not the entire 1-10 area). The same is true for shops.
  • As an example, the Rogue Armor set is only found on floors 6 through 10 of the tower. It cannot be found below floor 6. Therefore, the 3F and 5F shops do not carry the Rogue Armor set blueprints.
  • In order to find a blueprint at a given shop, it must be able to be found on that floor. Make sure to examine the list of Blueprints found on that page to determine if the shop you are visiting can sell your desired blueprint!

Once the player has exhausted the entire catalog of blueprints available at that location, the shop will no longer sell blueprints at that location.

The cost of each blueprint is the same for all players, but is assigned by no discernible pattern. Blueprints are available at three price points: 30,000, 60,000, and 120,000 KC.

Item Price Shop
Trucker Set KC.png 30000 ea. 3F OMOKI
Texas Farmer Set KC.png 30000 ea.
Heavy Hitter Set KC.png 30000 ea.
DIY Attack Set KC.png 60000 ea.
Doctor Drill Set KC.png 120000 ea.
Hammer KC.png ?
Pickaxe KC.png ?
Fireworks KC.png ?
Crossbow KC.png ?
Bat KC.png ?
Dark Ryback Set KC.png 30000 ea. 7F MEGASHI-KOYA
Special Forces' Set KC.png 30000 ea.
Guerrilla Blaster Set KC.png 30000 ea.
Rogue Set KC.png 30000 ea.
Steel Soldier Set KC.png 60000 ea.
Iron KC.png 30000
Machete KC.png ?
Magnum KC.png ?
Hockey Stick KC.png ?
Buzzsaw KC.png ?
Road Shocker Set KC.png ? ea. ? (3, 5, 7, 9)
Steel Tribe Set KC.png 120000 ea. 14F KOSHI-TAGAWA
Knight Set KC.png 60000 ea.
Knife KC.png ?
Shotgun KC.png ?
Assault Rifle KC.png ?
Axe KC.png ?
Night Scout Set KC.png 120000 ea. 14F KOSHI-TAGAWA
Priest Set KC.png 30000 ea. 17F NUTAKOEN
Claws KC.png 60000
Nail Gun KC.png ?
Sniper Rifle KC.png ?
Sword KC.png ?
Assault Force Set KC.png ? ea. ? (14, 17)
Phantom Soldier Set KC.png ? ea.
Barrett Punisher Set KC.png ? ea.
Sengoku Set KC.png ? ea.
Agamemnon Set KC.png ? ea. 24F MORIBA
Clay Figurine Set KC.png 60000 ea.
Hard Puncher Set KC.png ? ea.
Splatter 13 Set KC.png 60000 ea.
Arc Welder KC.png ? 24F MORIBA
Saber KC.png ?
Pitching Machine KC.png 120000
Fire Rod KC.png ? 27F DAIMON-MACHI
Bowling Ball KC.png ?
Motorcycle KC.png ?
Power Stomper Set KC.png 120000 ea. 33F UCHINOBU
Iron Eagle Set KC.png ? ea.
Paladin Set KC.png ? ea.
Motocross Set KC.png ? ea.
Killer Wrestler Set KC.png 30000 ea.
Chopper KC.png 120000 33F UCHINOBU
Katana KC.png ?
Spear KC.png ? 39F HARATSUKA