Hated Arcade

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The Arcade is the "Real World" in which the player lives. The Tower of Barbs is actually a game within a game.

Interesting Features[edit | edit source]

Radio[edit | edit source]

Players are able to change the tower radio settings using this radio.

Naomi Detox[edit | edit source]

Players can talk to Naomi Detox at the quest counter to accept or update quests in the Tower of Barbs.

Mother Barbs[edit | edit source]

A machine that plays various video clips that contain general information about several things in the Tower of Barbs.

Uncle Death[edit | edit source]

Talking to Uncle Death brings you back into the Tower of Barbs, which returns you to the Waiting Room.

Meijin[edit | edit source]

Talk to Meijin to get tips on weapons, mechanics, and many other things. Tips are able to be viewed in the Underworld Rolodex upon receiving them.