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Haters and Hunters are other players' Fighters found within the Tower of Barbs. They tend to be significantly stronger and smarter than Screamers or Tubers, but they also give more Kill Coins and SPLithium. When you get close to their location, they "activate" and begin killing any Screamers or Tubers nearby. They're often loud enough to hear from a distance; even if they're not fighting, they'll often curse to themselves or scream as they stand at their spawn point. This, combined with the fact that Haters and Hunters only have a few specific spawn points on each floor, means that a careful player will often be able to sneak up on (or past) them. Haters' and Hunters' maximum level matches the maximum level of the fighters that a player has unlocked, so they tend to be most dangerous at the beginning of the game and upon unlocking a new Fighter tier.

Haters: A player's Fighter who died on that floor. This includes your dead Fighters, whom you can defeat to reclaim. Haters' names are displayed in orange text.
  • Beware developer Haters. Developer Haters, signified by the "YTYMk-" at the beginning of their name, are spawned when the game can't find any player Haters to spawn. They're usually much stronger than player Haters.
    • Hardcore Haters: Special Haters that appear on floors 42-49, recognized by having a red nameplate, they are mostly unaffected by Poison, taking only 1 tick and will never stop to puke. Upon defeat they can spawn a silver or gold chest containing a Tuber Metal or Faction Metal.
Hunters: Fighters that have been sent after you by another player through the expedition menu. Hunters' names are displayed in red text and are accompanied by a warning when you enter a floor they're spawned on.
  • Hunters are often sent out naked by players to get expedition rewards without hurting other players, but when fully equipped they can be very dangerous. After encountering a Hunter, the other player will appear in the revenge tab of your expedition menu, allowing you to send a Hunter after them.

Dev Haters[]

Dev haters are identified by their names, which is always some variation of YTYMk-#@Name, with # being the Fighter Grade.



Local Butcher Hater[]

Hater Local Butcher.jpg Wheel Assassin Head + Hit Points +005% Stamina 000% Strength 000%

Dexterity 000% Vitality +012% Luck 000%

Wheel Assassin Body + Slash 000% Blunt -005% Piercing -005%

Fire +009% Electric +009% Poison 000%

Wheel Assassin Pants + Slash 000% Blunt -005% Piercing -005%

Fire +009% Electric +009% Poison 000%

Zombie Chopper + 100% Slashing.png Slash
Buzzsaw Masher + 100% Slashing.png Slash
Local Butcher.png
Chopper + Happy Wheeler armor bonus.
Equip 1 piece: Attack Power +10%. Equip 2: +20%. Equip 3: +40%.
Full set: Screamers, Haters, and Hunters may drop Barbmeat Half Portion when defeated.
Local Butcher ★★★★ Permanent
Play Dead.png
Reduces damage received by 80% when knocked down.
Play Dead ★★★★
Leader's Wheels.png
Increases Piercing Res by 20%.
Leader's Wheels ★★★★
Decal-Heavy Tank P.png
Increase max HP by 40%.
Heavy Tank ★★★★

Dev Hater[]

Image Head Armor Hit Points 000% Stamina 000% Strength 000%

Dexterity 000% Vitality 000% Luck 000%

Body Armor Slash 000% Blunt 000% Piercing 000%

Fire 000% Electric 000% Poison 000%

Leg Armor Slash 000% Blunt 000% Piercing 000%

Fire 000% Electric 000% Poison 000%

Weapon 1 Damage Type
Weapon 2 Damage Type
Image Effect
Name Permanent