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Welcome to Imokawa-Cho, an area on Floor 2 of the Tower of Barbs!

Imokawa-Cho appears during all rotations. It contains the second Stamp Terminal and Vol. 1, Pg. 1 of Tales From the Barbs.

It's a General-type area, meaning it can can spawn Tier 1 materials of multiple types. This floor includes Veneer Plank.png Veneer Plank, Waste Oil.png Waste Oil, Iron1.png Iron Scraps, Clump of Copper Scraps.png Clump of Copper Scraps, and Fiber1.png Cotton.


This map will hopefully help you know what to expect, where to go, and what materials and consumables you might find!

  1. Three Screamers and one Scratch Tuber.
  2. One Screamer. Randomized materials, but almost always something. Mushrooms and Rats also spawn here. Make sure to jump up on the construction equipment to access the higher platform which contains a red chest and the stamp terminal for this floor.
  3. Two Screamers, and a good chance at materials and consumables. Frogs and Mushrooms.
  4. Three Screamers, possibly four. Haters will also hide out here. Easy to get overwhelmed, so be careful and try and get them to attack each other. Chest may spawn in the middle of the room.
  5. Mushrooms, Frogs, and materials all have a chance to spawn here.
  6. Trap Room with five Scratch Tubers. The gates on each end of the tunnel close as you walk in and can only be opened after the Tubers are defeated. Scratch Tubers move slow, so get them in a line and time your attacks, or bait them into hitting each other. The room on the left can contain materials, while the one on the right contains a fire that can be used for grilling. After opening the gate at the end, there will be a Screamer.
  7. One Screamer in front of the escalator.

Connecting Areas[]