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War Ensemble
Slash 050% Blunt 050% Piercing 075%
Fire 025% Electric 080% Poison 080%

JIN-DIE is the second mid-boss the player will encounter in Let It Die. She represents the War Ensemble Faction and will drop War Ensemble Faction Metals.


JINDIE is 7 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 950 pounds. She was created by combining multiple people into one. She was an unfinished experiment and suffers from poor hearing. Instead, she has exceptional vision and can immediately recognize and identify any target within her range of sight. She collects the heads of those she has vanquished, and uses them as ammunition for the railgun which is attached to her stomach.
— Mother Barbs

Uncle Death Quotes:

  • "Oh look, a new specimen! And this time it's a girl! Uh, I think..." - JIN-DIE boss fight, 6F MOKA-MAGOME.
  • "Alright, so this sexy girl, she specializes in ranged attacks. So, if she kills you, she's gonna use your head as a cannon ball." - JIN-DIE boss fight, 6F MOKA-MAGOME.
  • "Nice one, Senpai! Now that is what I call fucking entertaining!" - Defeating JIN-DIE, 6F MOKA-MAGOME.

Uncle Death Mail:

Rotting Girl Mid-Boss (post-6F JIN-DIE)
Dear Senpai,

It's me again.
By the way, about that rotting
shooter girl thing you dispatched
so brilliantly just a while ago...

I guess you've figured out what
I'm gonna say. Yep, there's more
than one of 'em, so watch out.
I've got even more good news.
Seems there are two more types
of mid-boss lurking around out
there. What's next? Maybe we'll
get a cutie? No chance, LOL!

Catch you later!
The Last Mid-Boss (post-32F U-10)
Dear Senpai,

Nice work with that Mid-Boss!
That thing was weird, huh? I
mean, what's with that tail?
Now, according to rumors, that
flabby Mid-boss and the rotting
girl one got a romance going on,
and somehow a child was born
from the Bridging Mid-Boss. That
child was that tailed Mid-Boss.
Yeah, I have no idea what the
hell that means either. Ha ha!
Anyway, there are some weird
things in the world.

Anyway, you defeated it, so
kudos, Senpai. I'll keep rootin' for ya!


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
065 Hunting JIN-DIE #001 Destroy Defeat JIN-DIE. KC.png 5000 KC KC.png 500 KC
066 ★★ Hunting JIN-DIE #002 Destroy Defeat JIN-DIE x1 in KAGA. Tuber3.png Hovering Metal KC.png 1000 KC
067 ★★★ Hunting JIN-DIE #003 Destroy Defeat JIN-DIE x1 in SHIMEMENO. Tuber3.png Hovering Metal KC.png 2000 KC
068 ★★★★ Hunting JIN-DIE #004 Destroy Defeat JIN-DIE x3 in EBATA. DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC
078 ★★★★ Hunting 3 SHOCKS TERROR #001 Destroy Without returning to the Waiting Room: Defeat the 3 Shock Terrors
COEN, JIN-DIE, and GOTO-9, along with U-10.
DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC


Quest Destroy JIN DIE.png
Lv. 1 1200 HP
250 EXP 70 ABP


This JIN-DIE starts her fight on the bottom floor of her boss room. During this phase, simply hide behind pillars, then dash out to run behind her and hit her. At low health, she will teleport to the upper floor of the boss room and stay there until death. There are fewer intact pillars to hide behind on the upper floor, but there's a pretty safe spot right next to where the stairs end, against the western wall. One of her teleport points sits just outside this spot; wait until she teleports there and run out to finish her off.



The first JIN-DIE you meet has 4 different main attacks:

  • She fires a stream of non-homing heads at you. One head on its own isn't particularly strong, but they stagger and can easily stun-lock you into taking multiple hits.
  • She fires three homing heads at you in quick succession. These can be avoided by dashing to the side or hiding behind an object. Dodge rolling isn't a good idea here, as it leaves you susceptible to any heads fired after the one you dodged.
  • She fires a slow, heavy grenade head that explodes either after a short time on the ground, or on contact with you.
  • She fires a devastating "gore beam" at you. This attack has a short build-up as JIN-DIE gathers arcs of red energy around her and tracks your position. It's extremely dangerous, but its direction is locked once JIN-DIE starts firing, leaving her vulnerable for around 5 seconds.

JIN-DIE can also teleport. Before teleporting, she will stretch upward on her mountain of heads, then collapse with a surprised "Oh!" and disappear in a pink cloud. If you come in contact with this pink cloud, you will be stunned for a brief moment.

16F KAGA[]

Lv. 3 ? HP
400 EXP 72 ABP


This version of JIN-DIE can be pretty difficult, thanks to her large, broken-up boss room. A hit by any of her attacks on the upper floor can push you over an edge down to the lower floor, resulting in heavy fall damage, and her teleport points are so far apart that it's near impossible to run to her. However, she has a huge blind spot thanks to the building on the westernmost island. If you stand on the red box behind it, she becomes nearly unable to hit you. Watch out for explosive heads, as the explosions can knock you off if they don't fall off the island before exploding.

At half health, JIN-DIE will teleport to the bottom floor. Baiting her into wasting a gore beam is a good strategy down here; either get it stuck on a pillar, or sprint to the side as she charges it so it'll miss, then attack.

At low health, she'll teleport to the top floor again. Make your way back to the box on the western island and finish her off.



On this floor JIN-DIE doesn't gain any new attacks, but she will use her stronger attacks more frequently. Keep a sharp eye out for the gore beam animation; she will use it often, sometimes even back to back.


Lv. 7 10500 HP
600 EXP 74 ABP


On this floor, JIN-DIE appears arena with 4 pillars near each corner and a few shops around the edges of the area. You can use the pillars to hide from JIN-DIE as she charges her gore beam. She will occasionally teleport on top of a pillar or shop; when she does this, you can either shoot her, or hide behind one of the other pillars until she teleports to the ground again.

With an appropriate fighter, weapons, and equipment, this JIN-DIE is relatively easy to fight. Bring a max-level 4 Star fighter of some sort, such as a striker, equipped with Irons, Longswords, and Hammers. The Iron's rage move can blind her for a couple of seconds, preventing her from moving or teleporting, which will allow you to hurt her with either the Longsword or the Iron Hammer.

You can also use Stingshrooms combined with Transparungus or Slowmungus, but they're not required at all for this fight.



This version of JIN-DIE gains 2 new attacks:

  • She throws around 6-10 explosive heads around her. These heads explode after a couple of seconds, covering a wide area with fire and causing damage to anyone near JIN-DIE.
  • She shoots homing electrified heads toward you. Before using this attack, JIN-DIE will generate a large amount of blue electricity around her. These heads will stun you and cause damage on contact, and they will explode in a sphere of electricity upon hitting any obstacle. This attack was also used by Colonel Jackson.


Lv. 10 ? HP
800 EXP 76 ABP


Due to her more aggressive pattern this time around, it is advised players take their time with this fight. Though there isn't as much obvious cover aside from the machine in the middle of the arena, it still has a few corners and crevices for the player to take cover behind. One section in particular features a broken wall with a gap at the bottom just high enough to block Jin Die's projectiles, but can allow the player to safely close distance or attack at range. As with her previous fights, Jin Die can be exploited by attacking her during her Gore Beam attack or by using Umbrella Ribs, Transparungus, Slowmungus, or Cateyes. Guardshrooms can help with survivability, but the stunlock may negate this by delaying the fight for the invulnerability's duration.



The toughest version of Jin Die. Her attacks are MUCH faster than before and the timing between teleports is decreased. Similar to her floor 26 fight she can teleport to unreachable areas above the player, throw cluster bombs, use her homing electric attack, and stunlock the player with concentrated fire.

JIN-DIE Mk-2[]

Lv. 50 ? HP 5000 EXP
Lv. 51 ? HP 5100 EXP
Lv. 52 ? HP 5200 EXP
Lv. 53 ? HP 5300 EXP
Lv. 54 ? HP 5400 EXP
Lv. 55 ? HP 5500 EXP
Lv. 56 ? HP 5600 EXP
Lv. 57 ? HP 5700 EXP
Lv. 58 ? HP 5800 EXP
Lv. 59 ? HP 5900 EXP
Lv. 60 ? HP 6000 EXP
70 ABP



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