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Kami-Ikedoi - 3F
Enemies Beasts
This area contains the following enemies:
This area contains 2 beasts from among:
Frog, Rat
Materials Shrooms
This area contains 6-7 materials from among:
This area contains 3 shrooms from among:
Heartshroom, Toughshroom, Crushroom, Boomshroom, Fluffy Fungus, Doomshroom, Yogashroom

Kami-Ikedoi -4.png

Welcome to the Kami-Ikedoi, an area on Floor 3 of the Tower of Barbs!

Kami-Ikedoi appears during all rotations. It contains the third Stamp Terminal.

Golden Chest[]

Kami-Ikedoi will always contain a Trap Room with a Golden Chest that can drop Blueprints, Kill Coins, or blue Faction Metals. This Trap Room triggers when the Golden Chest is opened, and it spawns the following enemies:

Enemy Weapons Helmet Armor Legs
Screamer Combat Pickaxe - Texas Farmer Mask ? ?
Screamer Fist Fireworks Launcher Road Shocker Head Road Shocker Coat ?
Screamer Iron Hammer Fist Texas Farmer Mask ? ?
Spawn Pattern:
  • Screamer 1 spawns when the trap is triggered.
  • Screamer 2 spawns when the trap is triggered.
  • Screamer 3 spawns after 20 seconds or upon the previous enemies' defeat.

Connecting Areas[]