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Keiran-Jima - 4F
Enemies Beasts
This area contains the following enemies:
This area contains 1 beasts from among:
Materials Shrooms
None This area contains 2 shrooms from among:
Heartshroom, Toughshroom, Crushroom, Boomshroom, Fluffy Fungus, Doomshroom, Yogashroom

Welcome to Keiran-Jima, an area on Floor 4 of the Tower of Barbs!

Keiran-Jima appears only during rotation 4a (Fridays).


Keiran-Jima was the subject of a Quest, though this turned out to be by mistake. Quest #003 involved killing 20 Screamers in Keiran-Jima - but Keiran-Jima is a very small floor that spawns no Screamers, only a single Hater. Quest #003 has since been moved to 4F Tagahara.

Connecting Areas[]