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About Let It Die

In the year 2026 AD, a large tectonic disturbance caused mass destruction around the world. In the midst of the destruction, South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean where the seismic activity caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean piercing the island creating a tower-like structure deemed holy by some. Under the watchful eye of Uncle Death, madness has spread across the world...

Fight your way to the top in this chaotic and pulp survival action taking free-to-play to a whole new level. Begin your journey in your underwear and survive by any means necessary while taking advice from Uncle Death, a skateboarding reaper. Rumor has it that a sacred treasure awaits at the top of the Tower of Barbs for those that survive the climb. Many dangers and mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind and await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower.

Latest Video

Season 20.jpg

Tuesday's Tectonic Terror:
Golden Beasts Galore!!
Schedule: TUE 10:00 – WED 09:59 (UTC)
Special: Increased rates to encounter golden beasts in these areas.
Tomorrow: Gyakufunsha's Moving Cart & FOUR FOURCEMEN FIGHTS!!
Daily Express Pass Login Bonus
Decal-Super Long Tail.png
Fun Fungus 2.png
Super Long Tail ★★★★ Fun Fungus
Reduces the durability loss
of equipment and weapons by 20%.
Endurance Heal 50 / 100%
*Non-Premium decals are lost upon removal.
Tomorrow: Golden Lucky Cat + 40,000 Kill Coins
TDM Season
TDM Battle Rush: Season 20
June 27th, 2022 - September 26th, 2022
New Blueprints
Brutal Yo-Yo Render.png
Hard Target Set.png
Brutal Yo-Yo Hard Target Set
From Lost Bag Silver.png Lost Bag Gold.png Lost Bags until Season 21 ends.
Last Season's Blueprints
Pulse Stun Gun Render.png
Exo-armor Set.png
Pulse Stun Gun Exo-armor Set
From Lost Bag Silver.png Lost Bag Gold.png Lost Bags until Season 20 ends.
Chances for these blueprints are reduced.
TDM Season Finale Rank Reward
TDM Rocket Launcher Icon.png
TDM Diamond.png
TDM Rocket Launcher
Be in Diamond Rank when Season 20 ends
on 9/26 for the strongest TDM Rocket Launcher!
Silver / Gold / Platinum Rank forms
cannot upgrade to a higher tier.
Weekly Blueprints
DM.png 24 DM.png 12 DM.png 12 DM.png 12
Striker Flail Kendo Set
DM.png 24 DM.png 24 DM.png 24 DM.png 24
Hunting Bow Combat Diver Set
Blueprints are updated Thursdays at 10:00 (UTC).
Blueprints already handed in to Choku-Funsha cannot be purchased.
Monthly Tengoku Weapon
Hellhound · Bloodnium.png 3000
This is a built weapon; not a blueprint.
Stock refreshes daily; weapon changes monthly.
Yotsuyama Chargers
Kill the Yotsuyama Chargers for their weapons and armor!
4 appear each week, rotating each Thursday at 10:00 UTC.
This Week's Chargers:
Chainsaw Viper · Apocalyptic Hockey Set
Drill Arm · Chemical Agent Set
M-404 Rocket Launcher · Silent Sniper Set
Stun Rod · Blitz Bowler Set
Season Quests
Quest Reward
June 27th, 2022 - September 26th, 2022
Defeat SCREAMER x1000. Lost Bag Gold.png LB (Gold) x10
Defeat Haters: x1000. Lost Bag Rainbow.png LB (Rainbow)
Capture 500 beast(s). Lost Bag Gold.png LB (Gold) x10
Collect 500 mushroom(s). Lost Bag Gold.png LB (Gold) x10
Successfully Attack in TDM x100. Lost Bag Rainbow.png LB (Rainbow)
Successfully Defend in TDM x50. Lost Bag Rainbow.png LB (Rainbow)
Quest Reward
Collect Bronze Parasol Shroom x20 in the tower. ShroomIcon.png Slowmungus x3
Collect Silver Parasol Shroom x10 in the tower. DM.png Death Metal x5
Collect Golden Parasol Shroom x5 in the tower. Lost Bag Rainbow.png Lost Bag (Rainbow)
Weekly Quests
Quest Reward
Defeat SCREAMER x50. KC.png 100000 Kill Coins
Defeat Haters in the Tower of Barbs: x50. SPL.png 100000 SPLithium
Defeat any of the Jackals. KC.png 200000 Kill Coins
Defeat Colonel Jackson. WE Red.png War Ensemble Red Metal x3
Capture 20 beast(s) in the tower. BeastIcon.png Golden Bird x3
Collect 20 mushroom(s) in the tower. ShroomIcon.png Golden Lifeshroom x3
Successfully Attack in Tokyo Death Metro 5 times. Lost Bag Gold.png Lost Bag (Gold)
Successfully Defend in Tokyo Death Metro 5 times. Lost Bag Gold.png Lost Bag (Gold)
Defeat Red Napalm(HARD). WE 44CE.png War Ensemble 44CE Metal
Defeat Red Napalm(HARD). SPL.png 100000 SPLithium
Defeat Red Napalm(NIGHTMARE). WE 44CE.png War Ensemble 44CE Metal
Defeat Red Napalm(NIGHTMARE). Bloodnium.png 1000 (Mega Splattershroom)
Reach Floor 60F in the Tower of Barbs. Bloodnium.png 300 (Big Splattershroom x3)
Reach Floor 80F in the Tower of Barbs. Bloodnium.png 1000 (Mega Splattershroom)
Reach Floor 100F in the Tower of Barbs. Bloodnium.png 2000 (Mega Splattershroom x2)
Reach Floor 120F in the Tower of Barbs. Bloodnium.png 3000 (Mega Splattershroom x3)
Weekly Quests reset Mondays at 10:00 (UTC).
Completed Quests must be turned in before the reset to receive rewards.
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