Let It Die Wiki

This page lists various tasks that need doing on Let It Die Wiki. If you want to get involved but don't know where to start, then look down this list for any tasks which need completing.

Any help at all is appreciated, and even just a few active editors can go a long way. Please write in comprehensible English.

Anecdotal Evidence[]

A note about this before continuing: Many players will try and advise others what to do based on their own experiences when playing. This can lead to the side effect of the "advice" being misinformed or misguided, as there are several factors within this game which will make nearly every player's experience different. Try to keep a new player's perspective in mind when writing. If possible, try and test if certain elements work the way you say they do. However, there is no datamine for this game, and multiple elements are still obscure or not fully understood, so some uncertainty is expected. In those cases, try and clearly label any uncertain information.

Editorial Tasks[]

Most of what is missing involves Gameplay or Guide-type info. There are many resources about the game scattered about the Internet; one of the main purposes a Wiki servers is to condense such information into a single, organized location. The following pages and sub-pages currently need a lot of info added or updated.

The tasks are organized below by the estimated relative time it would take to reasonably "complete" them. This section may be changed or expanded as updates are made.




  • Player Guides
    • Write detailed guides for new player progression
  • Tower of Barbs
    • Proper table layout for tower rotations
    • Individual Floor pages
  • Upload all in-game model images on Equipment pages without them

Administration Tasks[]

  • Standardize formatting on a majority of pages.