Let It Die Wiki

Let It Die Wiki is an online source of information about the video game Let It Die and related subjects. While we have historically never been very active, the wiki can still be edited by anyone, and as such has a set of rules that should be followed.

  1. Do not vandalize, spam, or otherwise edit disruptively.
  2. Keep your behavior civil and assume good faith. Do not harass, stalk, or insult anyone. Address the action, not the person behind it.
  3. Avoid misleading readers and other editors. Make sure your contributions to articles are verifiable. Do not add speculation, parody content, or hoaxes to articles.
  4. The wiki is not a file-hosting service. If an uploaded file is not integrated into a useful page soon after the upload, it may be deleted without notice. Uploading images for your userspace is allowed.
  5. Accounts with offensive, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate usernames may be blocked indefinitely.
  6. Abuse of multiple accounts for block evasion or other circumvention of policy may result in these accounts being indefinitely blocked.
    1. An editor may have more than one account only if all accounts used by the editor are clearly marked.
    2. Conversely, each account should only be used by one person. If a group or organization wishes to edit on-wiki, each individual member that will be editing needs to create their own account.