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Lizards are beasts that can be found within the Tower of Barbs. They may attempt to attack if approached. Stomping them 3 times will stun them, allowing them to be picked up.

Killing a Lizard will produce a Dragonshroom.

Like most beasts, it has a rare golden variant, the Golden Lizard.


"Distribution: Primarily Crowley's area."
"Size: 28 in."
"Scientific Name: Varanus feritas"
"An extremely ferocious lizard. Will bite if approached. Odorless and tasty."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 1000 HP (XL)
Cooked Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 1500 HP (XL)

Sell Price: KC ico.png 1372 KC (Raw/Cooked)
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 98 EXP (Raw), EXP ico.jpg 196 EXP (Cooked)


Lizards are first encountered on the floors controlled by Crowley.



  • Lizards are hostile to other beasts, attacking them if they get close enough. They however will not attack other lizards unless accidentally hitting them while attacking something else.