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Max Sharp
Max Sharp
Slash 050% Blunt 050% Piercing 050%
Fire 050% Electric 050% Poison 050%

Max Sharp is the first Don of the Tower of Barbs, and the owner of D.O.D. ARMS.


Another one of the mysterious appeals of this tower is the ability to meet the "old you" after you die within. This is due to the four dons that live within the Tower. They reanimate the corpses of all who die in their domain, and in turn, use them as their own mindless undead killers within the Tower. Most visitors are shocked to see that their corpse has been reanimated and is now on a killing spree on their way to the top of the Tower. The chance of fighting against your own reanimated corpse is just yet another allure of this Tower.
— Mother Barbs

Mother Barbs also claims that the Jackals were originally hired by the Dons to deliver the dead bodies in the Tower to them.

Uncle Death Quotes:

  • "I can't believe you've made it this far, Senpai! This is your first big challenge on your way to the top." - Outside Max Sharp's boss fight, 10F OMENO-SOTO.
  • "HAHAHA! Looks like you have to make your way to the first car of the train for this boss battle. Just try not to fall! Cuz you'll die!" - Max Sharp's boss fight, 10F OMENO-SOTO.
  • "There's a dangerous trap on this train car. Be careful, son." - Max Sharp's boss fight, 10F OMENO-SOTO.
  • "Nice work. Keep it up, and you'll be at the top in no time. Hehe! So you think..." - Defeating Max Sharp, 10F OMENO-SOTO.

Tales From the Barbs Transcript:

Tales From The Barbs No.1: MAX
Meet the SELF-MADE-MAN WHO needed an extra hand OR TWO

Max Sharp, born in Nashville, was the only son of the owner of the store "D.I.Y. OR DIE." Always playing with dad's tools, he was a D.I.Y. prodigy by the age of 3. Inspired by a TV show depicting body modification, Max modded his own body. He grafted his arms onto his head to make precision engineering easier. Now he could fashion screws 0.1mm thin. Unlike the other children, he would spend recess counting the number of threads on his screws.

Max's odd appearance made him a target for ridicule. One day, a classmate called him "crab man", and an enraged Max crucified him against the school wall. Thereafter, "crab man" became a taboo word. By using these terror tactics, Max had, by the age of 15, accrued a gang of more than 50, armed with modded hammers, drills, and chainsaws from the store. Whenever they smashed a rival gang, he'd hammer a nail into his jaw as a kind of trophy.

Max led a dual existence. By day he was the owner of a D.I.Y. store, but by night he was the merchant of death selling "D.O.D. ARMS"-brand modded weapons to all and sundry. There wasn't a single soul in the underworld who didn't know his name. Max would've gone on making a killing like this, until a brawl in a bar changed his life forever. One evening, at his usual bar, some youths picked a fight with him. At first he ignored them, but then...

One of the punks yelled at Max, "what are you staring at, crab man!" Everyone in the bar fell silent, waiting to see whether the taboo word would be Max's cue to vent his rage. Max pulled an electric screwdriver out of his bag, and was about to crucify the punk against the wall when the bar owner intervened, and the youths fled the bar at full pelt. And yet the punk's words gnawed away at Max, and his rage, rather than abating, took deeper root.

Max, his body bristling with every power tool, went to each punk's house and massacred their families. He used his power tools to mod the corpses into pieces of furniture. Having murdered 23 people as only a true do-it-yourselfer could, Max was arrested. But just then, the Earth Rage global tectonic shift hit, and from out of nowhere a flying saw decapitated him. At age 45, he was dead. At his funeral, his torso was buried without the head.

Max Sharp Quotes:

  • "Hmm? Ah, looks like I got another new visitor. Pretty nice equipment you got there. I commend your choice of weaponry. But, you know where you are, don't you? This is my turf, the first don of the Tower of Barbs! And guess what I do to visitors... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I treat them as prey for D.O.D. Arms! Hehehe... You won't get this stamp from me without a fight." - Boss fight intro.
  • "I didn't think you'd make it this far... Wha... What the FUCK?! Did you just laugh at me, you puke?! You gonna die!"
    "Tower of Barbs is my home. And it's where I and my chainsaw roam."
    - Boss fight starts.
  • "Urgh... Could you be... the chosen one? I deserve to be laughed at for this..." - Defeating Max.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
074 Hunting Max #001 Destroy Defeat Max Sharp. MILK Blue.png M.I.L.K. Blue Metal KC.png 500 KC
079 ★★★★★ Hunting Boss #001 Destroy Defeat all bosses without returning to the Waiting Room.
(Max Sharp, Col. Jackson, Mr. Crowley and Taro Gunkanyama)
DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC


Quest Destroy Max Sharp.png
Lv. 10 1500 HP
500 EXP 70 ABP


Max Sharp is fought on the 10th Floor of the Tower, Omeno-Soto. Here, he leads the D.O.D. ARMS section of the Tower of Barbs. When he's encountered, he commends the player's choice of weapons, before being driven into a rage when the player supposedly laughs at him. After this cutscene, the player is set at the back of one of his two trains.

The player is then tasked with making their way to the front of the two trains, fighting Screamers, Tubers, and potentially Haters along the way, while avoiding traps. Traps include moving sawblades, jets of fire, electric walls, and rotating blades. After reaching the front of the train, Max Sharp congratulates the player for getting that far, before having a crane lift his head and place it onto a modified COEN body.


The fight proper then takes place in an electrified arena atop one of the train cars. His attacks consist of a flying drill, a set of punchs, and a stomp attack. He will also charge the player when they're too far away. Getting hit tends to knock the player back into the electrified fence, stunning them.

After defeating Max, the player will then kick his head off of his body, which will then fall onto the player's Underworld Rolodex, giving them the 10F Stamp.

Max's fight is straightforward. There are some optimal approaches:

  • The arena is surrounded by electricity which both damages and stuns anything that touches. Eating a Snailshroom, however, negates the aforementioned effects.
  • Max can be pushed into the electricity.



Boss Fight Video[]

Max Sharp Boss Fight Max Sharp Tengoku Boss Fight

Video by Gungho America

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