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Mr. Crowley
Candle Wolf
Mr. Crowley
Slash 075% Blunt 050% Piercing 097%
Fire 100% Electric 075% Poison 100%

Mr. Crowley is the third Don of the Tower of Barbs, and the creator of Candle Wolf.


Another one of the mysterious appeals of this tower is the ability to meet the "old you" after you die within. This is due to the four dons that live within the Tower. They reanimate the corpses of all who die in their domain, and in turn, use them as their own mindless undead killers within the Tower. Most visitors are shocked to see that their corpse has been reanimated and is now on a killing spree on their way to the top of the Tower. The chance of fighting against your own reanimated corpse is just yet another allure of this Tower.
— Mother Barbs

Mother Barbs also claims that the Jackals were originally hired by the Dons to deliver the dead bodies in the Tower to them.

Uncle Death Quotes:

  • "Nice! Next up is your third big challenge! Now let's see how well you can use that controller." - Outside Mr. Crowley's boss fight, 30F SAIGETSU.
  • "Try to avoid that wizard's flame and lightning attacks!" - Mr. Crowley's boss fight, 30F SAIGETSU.
  • "Okay, okay, you've made it this far. It won't be much longer now..." - Defeating Mr. Crowley, 30F SAIGETSU.

Tales From the Barbs Transcript:

Crowley, born in a Swedish village, was always a rather intelligent person. From the moment he was born, he began chanting the digits to PI in a manner of incantation. He attended a university at the age of 17 and managed to quickly earn a PHD. He quickly emerged as a leader in the realm of plasma physics where his work was considered paradigm shifting. He also held an interest in board games such as D&D and became famous for his own trading card game called Thunder Revolution which he made with his RP group known as Candle Wolf, which his realm in the Tower of Barbs is nicknamed after. The game notably had a card featuring a wizard that would eventually influence Crowley to mad proportions. Starting with small wrinkles, Crowley began undergoing plastic surgery, performed by none other than himself, to have his face resemble the one of the iconic wizard he created. His RP friends, unaware of the process he was undergoing, dismissed it as a result of too much studying. One day, Crowley went missing for quite some time until one clear day, thunderbolts began exploding from the sky. The town was reduced to cinders and more than 200 people were killed during the incident. Government officials labeled the incident a freak accident until it was discovered that Crowley, who had finally finished his surgery and fully resembled the mascot from his game, reappeared during the incident. Crowley confessed to everything explaining the plastic surgery and that the lightning was also his handiwork due to his desire to become a wizard. Though he was initially dismissed with redicule, the police raid on his hideout revealed a weaponized version of the wizard game card infused with blue plasma. As Crowley was being taken into custody, the Earth Rage tectonic shift happened causing a lightning bolt to strike him headless, and leaving his body dead at 17 years old.

Mr. Crowley Quotes:

  • "Ah, I have been waiting for you, oh brave warrior! I am Crowley, game master of the third hall. Let us begin shall we? Your fate but has six paths to take. Which path shall you walk today?" - Boss fight intro.
  • "O-One?! You are no warrior, but a mere goblin! You disgust me! Begone from my presence!" - Crowley rolls a one.
  • "Two. I see that luck has decided to abandon you, warrior. I have no use for you. Go, and give my servants a meal to feast upon." - Crowley rolls a two.
  • "A three. Luck is not in your favor today, warrior. Allow me to show you what I mean!" - Crowley rolls a three.
  • "A four. I see you have a bit of luck on your side. Well then, let me introduce you to my friends!" - Crowley rolls a four.
  • "A five. Your luck is with you, I see. But will luck alone be enough to defeat my servants?" - Crowley rolls a five.
  • "Ah! A six means you are a lucky one, brave warrior. Let’s see how powerful you truly are." - Crowley rolls a six.
  • "Your true battle lies ahead. Soon we will discover just how legendary of a warrior you really are." - Boss fight starts.
  • "Your soul burns bright crimson... Truly the sign of a great warrior! Now I can die in peace." - Defeating Mr. Crowley.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
076 ★★★ Hunting Crowley #001 Destroy Defeat Mr. Crowley. DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 2000 KC
079 ★★★★★ Hunting Boss #001 Destroy Defeat all bosses without returning to the Waiting Room.
(Max Sharp, Col. Jackson, Mr. Crowley and Taro Gunkanyama)
DM.png Death Metal x1 KC.png 4000 KC


Quest Destroy Crowley.png
Lv. 30 13500 HP
1500 EXP 74 ABP


There are two stages to this boss fight.

The first stage changes depending on what Crowley rolls during the cut scene, ranging from a few screamers, haters, or a reverse tuber. During this phase there are also fireballs that shoot from the sides of the arena from cannons, which open up before firing, and lightning strikes from the ceiling, which are telegraphed from the sparks on the ground.

  1. two haters three screamers
  2. Two haters two screamers
  3. two screamers one hater
  4. one hater
  5. 5 screamers
  6. A single Reverse Tuber

Once the 4 enemies are killed the second stage of the boss fight will occur. In this stage Crowley will burst in through one of the arenas walls and will attempt to fight you.


Crowley is one of the easier bosses in Let It Die due solely to how little health he has.

Take two or three Snailshrooms, with them you're immune to almost all damage Crowley can make to you.

To defeat him simply make sure you have at least 1 Transparungus, 1 Stingshroom, and 1 heavy damage weapon such as a Cleaver Saber or a +4 Red Hot Iron +. Eat the Shrooms and attack Crowley until he is dead.

Also of note is his near complete resistance to piercing weapons, even higher tier weapons that hit for 5k+ damage will be reduced to around 150 even on a rage move.



Boss Fight Video[]

Mr. Crowley Boss Fight Mr. Crowley Tengoku Boss Fight

Video by horrorpastry

Video by Ruben Legchuga Jimenez