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Welcome to Okusa, an area on Floor 13 of the Tower of Barbs!

Okusa appears only during rotation 2. It is a Cloth-type area, containing only Cotton, Hemp, Leather, Wool and Silk.

Okusa can only be unlocked by entering from Ukisawa (Following the path Kaga -> Uge -> Ukisawa -> Okusa)

This floor is considered great for farming Golden Snails as 2 to 3 spawn there every climb.

Okusa contains the 13th stamp terminal.


Hopefully these descriptions will help you know the contents of this floor, such as what enemies lie in your way, and the materials and consumables you can hope to find!

  • Pitfall Area leading down to some cloth materials, mushrooms, and 1-3 beasts (varying between Rats, Pillbugs, and others) as well as a barrel fire.
    • Warning: The fall is long enough to cause some damage, and one Bone Tuber is on the path to get back to the top.
    • The stamp terminal is up on a nearby ledge reachable by jumping.
  • A single Hater or Hunter.
  • A bend with a fire patch and 3 Snails hanging from the walls, 2 to 3 are always Golden Snails.
  • Pole mounted nail sentry near the Snail bend.

Golden Snails[]

The Snails that spawn on this floor are usually Golden making it a great place to farm them for experience or small amounts of storable money.

2 to 3 Golden Snails will spawn taking the place of the normal Snails.

In order to obtain them

  • Find their bend in the path where they are stuck up on the walls
  • As they are out of reach, you must knock them down by throwing a living beast at them
    • They can be knocked off the wall by throwing raw/uncooked Snails and Pillbugs at them
      • Shooting them with a rocket may also work, as Golden Snails do not burn
  • Finally crouch down and pick up the Golden Snail in order to pocket it (careful not to stomp it)

Alternatively you could just shoot to kill the Golden Snails which would give the experience directly to your fighter and save you the hassle, but saving the snails for other fighters or for backup cash could be more useful.

Connecting Floors[]