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Omeno-Kita - 9F
Enemies Beasts
This area contains the following enemies:
This area contains 1-2 beasts from among:
Materials Shrooms
This area contains 3 materials from among:

or rarely:
This area contains 2 shrooms from among:
Heartshroom, Toughshroom, Crushroom, Boomshroom, Fluffy Fungus, Doomshroom, Yogashroom

Welcome to Omeno-Kita, an area on Floor 9 of the Tower of Barbs!

It appears only during rotation 3 (Mondays).


5 mk2 Scratch Tubers can be found on the top middle platform of the arena. On the stair case there are 2 Snails, one on the top of staircase and the other in front of it on the wall.

Be warned! should you come up the stairs, on the right there will be 3 Screamers lying in wait.

Connecting Areas[]