Let It Die Wiki

Complete Player Guides on the Wiki are currently a work in progress. Community members are encouraged to write their own, if possible. In the meantime, there are some other resources available online that any players in need of help are welcome to check.


Currently, the most active communities for this game are the Subreddit and Discord. Players are encourage to join and ask questions, or post about their experiences.

Sudreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LetItDie/

Discord: https://discord.gg/gdMZBbK

Tower Map, Rotations & Resources Spreadsheet[]

Click here to view the spreadsheet.

The sheet has multiple tabs for different areas of the Tower. It is currently maintained by Oberlinx.

Tasty Tower Tactics[]

Tasty Tower Tactics was a video series sponsored by GungHo and hosted by Oberlinx, the largest Let It Die streamer. It is a 5-part series intended as an introduction to the Tower of Barbs.

Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo9TpTaVVl9XICAPE7snZPm31fHEX0Ra3

Tips and Tricks[]

As players that are new or older that are returning needs to know about this game.

The following tips that are recommended as follows:

  • Do not waste Death Metals on reviving your Fighter or Dustin in the lower floors. The only use for your Death Metals is your storage space which is super important it’ll cost you 2 Death Metals to expand your storage space.
  • Pick up materials that you will find on the ground and be storing them in your waiting room.
  • Upgrade your weapons and armor like the Machete, Iron, and some others that will help you out for Early game. As for armor wise I would recommend upgrading your Happy Wheeler, Night Scout, and some other solid armor that you can find.
  • Don’t face the Jackals or Forcemens for Early game content it’ll wipe you out automatically once you enter. I would recommend waiting until you get to End game content.
  • In Tengoku which is End Game Content, I would recommend getting your Death Metals ready because you’ll be sending down Tiers 7 and 8 Materials that are extremely rare to come across upon. Also don’t use your Bloodnium for weaker fighters only use them on Tier 6 fighters and don’t forget to use them in case you’re fighting either the Pit, Mid-Boss, or the Dons that you have already encountered in the lower floors but beware it can get pretty rough thanks to their powered up state.
  • The 4 and 5 star decals are very powerful that’s in the game right now so I recommend keeping one of each unless if you get duplicates Recycle them they are more effective than recycling blueprints.