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R&D (Research and Development) Materials are items used to develop equipment from Blueprints.

Once a Blueprint has been brought to Choku-Funsha in the Waiting Room, the R&D menu will display the materials required to develop a piece of equipment. Handing over the Materials and SPLithium needed will make the equipment purchasable with Kill Coins, after a waiting period determined by the equipment's tier. Only Materials in your currently active Fighter's Death Bag and the Storage Chest are accessible by Choku-Funsha.

The Wandering Shop, Gyaku-Funsha, sells both common and rare crafting materials. The selection offered varies depending on which floor the shop has settled in.

Material Types and Locating[edit | edit source]

There are six types of common materials that can be found in a variety of forms throughout the tower: Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Wood, Oil, and Fabric.

In General areas, any type of common material can be found, but only in one "quality tier" according to floor number:

Tier Floors Iron Aluminum Copper Wood Oil Fiber*
1 1-10 Iron1.png Iron Scraps Aluminum1.png Aluminum Scraps Copper1.png Clump of Copper Scraps Wood1.png Veneer Plank Oil1.png Waste Oil Fiber1.png Cotton
2 11-20 Iron2.png Wire Mountain Aluminum2.png Aluminum Can Copper2.png Piece of Broken Copperware Wood2.png MDF Oil2.png Vegetable Oil Fiber2.png Hemp
3 21-30 Iron3.png Mass of Iron Bolts Aluminum3.png Aluminum Engine Part Copper3.png Copper Wire Mountain Wood3.png Rosewood Oil3.png Crude Oil Fiber3.png Leather
4 31-40 Iron4.png Steel Aluminum4.png Pure Aluminum Copper4.png Pure Copper Wood4.png Walnut Oil4.png Mineral Oil Fiber4.png Wool
5 41+ Iron5.png Ultra-pure Iron Aluminum5.png Aluminum Alloy 7075 Copper5.png Oxygen-free Copper Wood5.png Mahogany Oil5.png Chemo-synthesized Oil Fiber5.png Silk
6 41+ Iron6.png Special Steel Aluminum6.png Aluminum Alloy 9048 Copper6.png Beryllium Copper Wood6.png Snake Wood Oil6.png Biofuel Fiber6.png Carbon Fiber
7 51+ Iron7.png Chrome-Moly Aluminum7.png Aluminum Alloy 9050 Copper7.png Corinthian Bronze Wood7.png Black Coal Oil7.png Tiger Grease Fiber7.png Aramid Fiber
8 81+ Iron8.png Tamahagane Aluminum8.png Aluminum Alloy 9051 Copper8.png Orichalcum Wood8.png Lignum Vitae Oil8.png Fatback Fiber8.png Polyarylate Fiber

Material Specific Floors[edit | edit source]

There are also material-specific areas. In these areas the materials that appear have a chance to be up to two tiers lower or one tier higher than the current floor's tier.

An example of this is Takayama, an Aluminum-only area. Because it's on the 34th floor, normally only Pure Aluminum (Tier 4) would appear, but because this district is material specific, you can also find Aluminum Can (Tier 2), Aluminum Engine Part (Tier 3), and Aluminum Alloy 7075 (Tier 5). Material-specific floors are the only way to obtain Tier 5 versions of Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Wood, and Oil.

*Any type of fiber can be found on any Fiber-only floor. These include Cotton, Hemp, Wool, Leather, and Silk. However, Carbon Fiber, Aramid Fiber, and Polyarylate Fiber are only F41+ and above

Tuber and Faction Metals[edit | edit source]

Tuber Metals[edit | edit source]

Tuber Metals are one of the two types of Rare Metals. They are rarely dropped by correspondingly named Tubers.

Tuber Metals
Tuber1.png Scratch Metal
Tuber2.png Bullet Metal
Tuber3.png Hovering Metal
Tuber4.png Bone Metal
Tuber5.png Reversal Metal

Tuber Metals can also be obtained through certain Quests.

Faction Metals[edit | edit source]

Faction Metals are the other Rare Metal type, primarily obtained as drops from Mid-Bosses and Dons, and from the gold chests in Trap Rooms.

They can also be obtained through certain Quests, purchased at Gyakufunsha, or rarely found in Uncle Prime boxes or login rewards.

Each Mid-Boss and Don corresponds to a faction, and each set of 10 floors corresponds to a color:

Tower of Barbs' Factions
Faction Mid-boss Don
D.O.D. ARMS COEN Max Sharp
War Ensemble JIN-DIE Colonel Jackson
Candle Wolf GOTO-9 Crowley
M.I.L.K. U-10 Taro Gunkanyama
Faction Forcemen
D.O.D. ARMS White Steel
War Ensemble Red Napalm
Candle Wolf Black Thunder
M.I.L.K. Pale Wind
Floor Color D.O.D ARMS War Ensemble Candle Wolf M.I.L.K
1-10 Blue DOD Blue.png D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal WE Blue.png War Ensemble Blue Metal CW Blue.png Candle Wolf Blue Metal MILK Blue.png M.I.L.K. Blue Metal
11-20 Green DOD Green.png D.O.D. ARMS Green Metal WE Green.png War Ensemble Green Metal CW Green.png Candle Wolf Green Metal MILK Green.png M.I.L.K. Green Metal
21-30 Black DOD Black.png D.O.D. ARMS Black Metal WE Black.png War Ensemble Black Metal CW Black.png Candle Wolf Black Metal MILK Black.png M.I.L.K. Black Metal
31-40 Red DOD Red.png D.O.D. ARMS Red Metal WE Red.png War Ensemble Red Metal CW Red.png Candle Wolf Red Metal MILK Red.png M.I.L.K. Red Metal
41-50 Purple DOD Purple.png D.O.D. ARMS Purple Metal WE Purple.png War Ensemble Purple Metal CW Purple.png Candle Wolf Purple Metal MILK Purple.png M.I.L.K. Purple Metal
51+ Orange DOD Orange.png D.O.D. ARMS Orange Metal WE Orange.png War Ensemble Orange Metal CW Orange.png Candle Wolf Orange Metal MILK Orange.png M.I.L.K. Orange Metal
81+ Platinum DOD Platinum.png D.O.D. ARMS Platinum Metal WE Platinum.png War Ensemble Platinum Metal CW Platinum.png Candle Wolf Platinum Metal MILK Platinum.png M.I.L.K. Platinum Metal
Forcemen 44CE DOD 44CE.png D.O.D. ARMS 44CE Metal WE 44CE.png War Ensemble 44CE Metal CW 44CE.png Candle Wolf 44CE Metal MILK 44CE.png M.I.L.K. 44CE Metal
Jackals v2 Jackals v3 Jackals v4
IDX.png Jackal X ID Card SunflowerX.png Sunflower Rare Metal X DNAX.png Jackal X DNA Data
IDY.png Jackal Y ID Card SunflowerY.png Sunflower Rare Metal Y DNAY.png Jackal Y DNA Data
IDZ.png Jackal Z ID Card SunflowerZ.png Sunflower Rare Metal Z DNAZ.png Jackal Z DNA Data
SunflowerM.png Sunflower Rare Metal SunflowerD.png Sunflower Rare Metal D

This means that, for example, the JIN-DIE on 16F Kaga drops War Ensemble Green Metal, while the GOTO-9 on 11F Maka-Tsutsumi drops Candle Wolf Green Metal. Trap Room chests follow the color rules but can always drop metals of any faction.

Certain metals can't be obtained by boss drop because they correspond to boss combinations that don't exist, which means Trap Rooms are the main method of obtaining them. These metals are D.O.D. ARMS Green Metal, Candle Wolf Blue Metal, M.I.L.K. Blue Metal, M.I.L.K Green Metal, and M.I.L.K Black Metal.

Forcemen metals can only be obtained from defeating related Forcemen on Hard or Nightmare modes.

Note[edit | edit source]

There are Chests which can provide Blueprints and Materials.

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