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Rats are a type of beasts found in the Tower of Barbs. They scare easily and move quickly, so being fast is key to catching them. Killing one produces a Mouseshroom.

Like most beasts, it has a rare golden variant, the Golden Rat.


"Distribution: Primarily Max's area."
"Size: 14 in."
"Scientific Name: Rattus hispidus"
"Prefers dark, damp places and is omnivorous. Incredibly fertile, it is found everywhere."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 100 HP (M)
Cooked Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 160 HP (M)

Sell Price: KC ico.png 112 KC (Raw/Cooked)
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 8 EXP (Raw), EXP ico.jpg 16 EXP (Cooked)


Rats first appear in Max's Area, and may continue to be found throughout the Tower of Barbs.



  • It is easier to catch a Rat simply by crouching over it and picking it up. They can be stunned by stepping on them but they are very difficult to hit since they actively avoid any stun attempt.