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About Red Napalm[]

Red Napalm is the second of the Four "Forcemen", A group of bosses added to the Tower of Barbs. She represents the War Ensemble Faction. First arriving in the game on June 27th, 2017; She exists as an extra challenge to players, with the rewards being anywhere from Kill coins, Random Blueprints, her Red Napalm Armor blueprints and to even her unique weapon.

Red Napalms News banner


A Tall Female Fighter, wearing somewhat revealing red armor, with wings on the back made out of guns and wielding a large gatling-style gun, where instead of multiple barrels, it has multiple guns on it.

Red Napalm's Location and Pricing[]

There are currently 3 difficulties of Red Napalm, each in separate rooms in the War Ensemble Faction area on floors 12F: FUGA-DOKORO, 14: FUNE-HASHI and 17F: KYUZAKA. Each floor contains a different difficulty version and Kill Coin cost to fight her.

Floor Difficulty Free Tries Challenge Cost After Using the Free Tries
12F FUGA-DOKORO Normal Free 5,000 KC
14F FUNE-HASHI Hard** Free 30,000 KC
17F KYUZAKA Nightmare** Free 100,000 KC

Her challenge rooms are an unique rotation timer and only appear on:

WED 3:00 AM – THU 2:59 AM (PDT)

SUN 3:00 AM – MON 2:59 AM (PDT)


Her total defensive stats are: -42% Blunt resistance, +32% Piercing resistance, +18% Fire resistance, -40% Electric resistance and +18% Poison resistance.[1]


NOTE: Hard and Nightmare challenges will NEGATE any mushroom effects before entering.

During the fight Red Napalm has been confirmed to use a shockwave to dispel the effects of:

Guardshroom, Transparungus, Stingshroom, Golden Stingshroom, Vampire Fungus, Golden Vampire Fungus, Oakshroom, Snailshroom

It may still be possible to use some of the above mushrooms while she is stunned, such as Vampire Fungus.

After the player inflicts an attack on her, this will immediately dispel the effects of Slowmungus. However if the player does not use attacks Slowmungus will continue to work for it's full duration, so the effect may be used defensively.

The following mushrooms have been confirmed to work normally when eaten inside the arena:

Umbrella Rib Fungus, Cateye Shroom, Helmetshroom, Lifeshroom, Golden Lifeshroom, Red Stingshroom, Dragonshroom, Golden Dragonshroom, Toughshroom, Staminungus, Evershroom, Crushroom


Upon defeating Red Napalm, the gate behind her opens up and reveals a single chest, with the possible reward depending on the difficulty Red Napalm was fought at.

Red Napalms close up during her introduction

Potential Rewards:

Normal Difficulty
Kill Coins
Various Blueprints (Excluding Forcemen BPs)
Hard Difficulty
Kill Coins
Red Napalm Head Blueprint
Red Napalm Body Blueprint
Red Napalm Pants Blueprint
D.O.D. Arms Red Metal
War Ensemble Red Metal
Candle Wolf Red Metal
M.I.L.K. Red Metal
War Ensemble Black Metal
M.I.L.K. Green Metal
D.O.D. Arms Blue Metal
M.I.L.K. Blue Metal
Nightmare Difficulty
Red Napalm Head Blueprint
Red Napalm Body Blueprint
Red Napalm Pants Blueprint
M2G-87 Blueprint
War Ensemble 44CE Metal


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
204 ★★ Hunting Red Napalm #001 Destroy Defeat Red Napalm(NORMAL). DM.png 1 Death Metal KC.png 500 KC
205 ★★★ Hunting Red Napalm #002 Destroy Defeat Red Napalm(HARD). DM.png 3 Death Metals KC.png 500 KC
206 ★★★★ Hunting Red Napalm #003 Destroy Defeat Red Napalm(NIGHTMARE). DM.png 5 Death Metals KC.png 500 KC