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The Restroom is a section of your Waiting Room where captured enemy Fighters from Tokyo Death Metro raids are held to be "reset." Over 4 hours, SPLithium is drained from the Fighter and can be collected by pressing X on either the Fighter's cell or the monitor by the Restroom's entrance. If you manage to hold a Fighter for the full duration, they will become usable as one of your own. (as of a recent update fighters instead give you a loot bag and return back to the owner)

Initially, the Restroom can hold only one prisoner; it can be upgraded via the TDM menu, up to a maximum of 6 cells. The original owner of a captured Fighter can pay a Kill Coin ransom based on the level of the fighter, which will return the Fighter to their Fighter Freezer. The owner or any member of their regional team may also free the captured Fighter by destroying the Restroom during a raid. Fighters you can help out are visible in the Rescue tab.


Level SPLithium Cost Fighter Slots Time to Complete
1 0 1 -
2 32,000 2 000:01
3 64,000 3 000:24
4 128,000 4 000:48
5 256,000 5 001:36
6 512,000 6 002:00