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Ricebowl Shroom
Restore 800 HP (L)
Ricebowl Shroom
"The "grains of rice" are actually powerful, swollen Heartshroom-esque healing components. Tastes better than most mushrooms."
When Eaten EFFHP.png Restore 800 HP (L)
Eaten Raw Bonus EFFHP.png 10 HP EXP ico.jpg 10 EXP
Effect Time Instant
Sell KC.png 10 KC
When Eaten EFFHP.png Restore 1100 HP (XL)
Eaten Cooked Bonus EFFHP.png 30 HP EXP ico.jpg 10 EXP
Effect Time Instant
Sell KC.png 10 KC
Ricebowl Shroom.png
Grilled Ricebowl Shroom.png

Consider this the Heartshroom on steroids. It can heal most of the HP of many 4-Star Fighter classes but becomes less effective with 5 & 6-Star Fighters due to their huge bump in HP.

Restore HP[]

  • Very potent healing mushroom, although it is outclassed by certain cooked versions of beasts such as the Lizard, Turtle and Bird.
  • Even though it may not heal as much as some cooked beasts, this mushroom appears late in the game where certain beast-specific mushrooms become more important than the healing properties of the beasts themselves. This means you can keep the Ricebowl Shroom as a healing item and not have to decide between cooking a certain beast (like the Lizard) or harvesting it's more helpful mushroom.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
163 ★★★ Mushroom Finding #003 Collect Collect Ricebowl Shroom x10 in the tower. MILK Black.png M.I.L.K. Black Metal KC.png 2000 KC