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Scorpions are a type of beasts found in the Tower of Barbs. They must be stomped twice before picking up, or they'll sting for a small amount of damage. Crushing one produces a Stingshroom.

Like most beasts, it has a rare golden variant, the Golden Scorpion.


"Distribution: Primarily Max's area."
"Size: 20 in."
"Scientific Name: Pandinus exemplar"
"Despite the distinctive yellow muscles and ferocious sting, it is in fact not poisonous."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 140 HP (M)
Cooked Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 200 HP (M)

Sell Price: KC ico.png 168 KC (Raw/Cooked)
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 12 EXP (Raw), EXP ico.jpg 24 EXP (Cooked)


Scorpions first appear in Max's Area, and may continue to be found throughout the Tower of Barbs.


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
192 Beast Finding #003 Collect Collect Scorpion x10 in the tower. Golden Scorpion KC.png 500 KC



  • Due to the Red Scorpion being added, it has become difficult to find Yellow Scorpions.