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Mushrooms, often shortened to Shrooms, are the resident flora of the Tower of Barbs, presumably brought into existence along with the Tower from the "Earth Rage" tectonic disturbance of 2026. The Tower is filled with gas from the deadly spores of these mushrooms, which has mutated the Beasts that reside within. These spores can be toxic enough for lungs to rot or even cause immediate death with a single breath. They're so prevalent, spores will immediately grow over most corpses upon death, and many corpses can be seen disintegrating into a cloud of spores right before your eyes. Due to this, all residents of the Tower are equipped with a gas mask of some kind to prevent accidental inhalation. In particular, the Mushroom Magistrate is very fond of mushrooms, to the point of obsession, having been driven mad by the amount she's eaten. She has established her own Mushroom Club, where she creates Skill Decals via the compounded mushroom powder in her Mushroom Stews. For prospective Tower climbers, a proper understanding of shrooms and their effects can be instrumental to finding success, as their boosts only become more valuable the higher you go.

Mushrooms can be found in the Tower naturally growing on the ground, often in areas with visible spore growth/residue. They can also grow from the corpses of Screamers and Haters shortly after death. Specific shrooms will grow from killed Beasts, depending on which Beast it was. There are a handful of Quests that give certain shrooms as a reward, and Quests asking for the collection of shrooms are very common. Some shrooms are also given out through Uncle Prime and Login Bonuses. And shrooms may also be picked up through Fighters sent on Expeditions. Be aware that some mushrooms and beasts only appear in certain areas of the Tower. All the mushrooms you've found are listed in the Picture book section of your Underworld Rolodex.

When approaching a mushroom, you can press PS4 Up.png and PS4 Cross.png for the "Eat" option, and eat the shroom directly off the ground. Press PS4 Down.png and PS4 Cross.png for the "Death Bag" option, which will store the mushroom in your inventory. Consumable items in your inventory are displayed at the top-right of the screen in the Flick Box. By flicking the PS4 Touch Pad.png to the left or right, you can cycle through the available items. Pressing the Right side of the PS4 Touch Pad.png will make you consume the currently selected item. There is no way to cancel eating once it begins, not even from being hit. Pressing the Left side will put you in Throw Mode. While in Throw Mode, you'll hold the item out in your right hand, and pressing PS4 Cross.png will either Throw the item, or cook it over a nearby Fire, if close enough. Pressing any other button will exit Throw Mode.

The large majority of mushrooms can be cooked to strengthen their effects. This can be done with any Fire you find by using Throw Mode, or with any sources of Fire damage. Mushrooms growing on the ground or placed from your inventory cannot be cooked with Fire damage, but Thrown shrooms can be cooked by it. Golden Mushrooms/Beasts cannot be cooked and are immune to Fire damage. Other non-Golden shrooms, like Skillshrooms, Seasonal shrooms, and Splattershrooms, cannot be cooked either. Barbmeat is a similar consumable item which also cannot be cooked. Typically, cooking shrooms will enhance the effect duration, effect damage, or effect healing of the shroom. If you have the chance to cook your shrooms before an upcoming battle, you should do so. Be careful with fire sources in the Tower, as getting too close to some of them can set you on fire as well. There is a permanent Fire at the brazier next to the Mushroom Club in the Waiting Room where you can cook at.

Finally, there are certain shrooms that only grow during certain times of the year. Winter Whiteout takes place every January and February, with durability-restoring Snowcaps. Each April and May is a Spring Egg Scramble for EXP-rich Eggshrooms. There's Fun(gus) in the Sun every July and August, bringing valuable Parasol Shrooms to sell. And every October and November is a Creepy Autumn, where healthy Pumpkinshrooms with a Rage-boosting stimulant will grow. There are no special locations for these shrooms, they can be found at the same rates at any height of the Tower while they're available. You can still keep these shrooms after the seasons end.

General Notes

"One of the many attractions of the Tower of Barbs is that several different types of mushrooms can be found within its walls. There are more than 40 different types of mushrooms waiting to be discovered by adventurous mushroom hunters in the tower. Some of the mushrooms spray harmful spores in excess of LC50, of which a single breath causes the lungs to rot, and in some cases, immediate death. Therefore, residents of the Tower of Barbs all wear masks to prevent themselves from accidental inhalation of the deadly spores. A vital skill of anyone in the Tower is the ability to accurately identify mushrooms. Failure can mean the difference between life and death."

—Mother Barbs

While individual mushroom pages may go into more detail, here are some general tips & notes about common shroom usage:

  • Mushrooms will not respawn until you return to the Waiting Room.
  • You do not actually need to press PS4 Cross.png while in Throw Mode to cook a shroom. If you simply hold a mushroom in Throw Mode and angle your arm over a fire properly, the shroom will be cooked. Since you can swap between shrooms almost instantly, this is faster than the normal method while also preventing shrooms from being thrown into unreachable areas. The brazier next to the Mushroom Club is a good place to test this. If you do this in the Tower, be careful about standing too close to a fire.
  • While all weapons with Fire damage can technically cook shrooms, the Flame Wand is probably the easiest to work with, as it creates lingering Fire pools that you can easily cook shrooms in. If your armor has positive Fire resistance, then the flames won't damage you at all.
    • Lavashrooms are also an effective way to cook shrooms, as there are no fire pits in Gunkanyama's area where they first appear.
  • Often referred to as "pre-shrooming", if you eat any mushrooms before entering a raid in Tokyo Death Metro, the mushroom effects will persist for that raid. Any mushrooms eaten this way will not show up in the logs, though an observant player may still be able to spot pre-shroom usage.
    • Oakshrooms are automatically negated when eaten in the Waiting Room.
    • You cannot pre-shroom Slowmungus or Cateye Shrooms, as their effect will not allow you to interact with the TDM console.
    • If you eat a Lifeshroom before a raid, but don't actually die, the effect will still be gone when the raid ends.
    • Prior to March 2017, Evershrooms were often used with Nail Guns to groggy any Defense Fighter, no matter how tanky. Their effect was patched since then, and both normal and Golden Evershrooms have become essentially useless.
  • There are several noteworthy things about some specific shroom types:
    • Lifeshrooms are an invaluable asset to players due to their ability to revive you. They can be obtained as early as 11F from killing Pillbugs.
    • Fun Fungus are the rarest shrooms to find naturally spawning in the entire game.
    • Skillshrooms can be gathered in abundance at 3F METAKOJIYA, on Thursdays only. Outside of this, they seem to spawn more frequently on Boss floors.
    • The buff from Stingshrooms and Crushrooms cannot be active at the same time, the last one eaten takes precedence.
    • Toughshrooms can mitigate the increased damage taken from using Stingshrooms.
    • The Yogashroom animation can be cancelled early by opening the Options menu.
  • There's a group of shrooms commonly referred to as "Falseshrooms", which consist of Red Stingshrooms, Umbrella Rib Fungus, False Brainshrooms, Cateye Shrooms, Boleoshrooms, and Helmetshrooms. They are called such due to them being weaker, "False" versions of existing shrooms that were made much more common than the originals after some game updates. However, most of them have the advantage of not being able to be negated in situations where the originals would be.
  • Even though COEN is blind, not deaf, he still cannot detect an Invisible player under the effects of Transparungus or Umbrella Rib Fungus.
  • GOTO-9 will try and eat any shrooms thrown on the ground after he glows red. The shrooms can have various effects on him.
  • All mushrooms will restore a very small amount of Hunger, but the amount is so small that your stamina will run out again almost immediately. Stick to eating Beasts.
  • All mushrooms, even damaging ones, will still grant you a very small amount of HP and EXP when eaten, but in miniscule amounts that are not very useful.
  • All mushrooms will only sell for 10 KC to Choku-Funsha, except Parasol Shrooms. Likewise, all shrooms will only grant miniscule amounts of EXP, except Eggshrooms.
  • Breaking wooden boxes in certain places may reveal a shroom.
  • Even the seemingly most useless shrooms can serve a small purpose: You can throw a shroom across a room, and the noise when it lands will cause nearby enemies to walk over and investigate it. You can then sneak up behind them while they're distracted. Keep in mind, since you can't do this while crouching, you risk making noise and being detected before you finish throwing one.
  • Falling off a ledge while eating a shroom will cancel the eating animation, but activate the effect immediately.
  • When collecting shrooms for Quests, you can also kill any Beasts you come across for their shrooms. However, this only counts on the same floor you find them, as moving floors or taking shrooms/beasts from your storage means they won't count.
    • The elevator floors for 1F, 9F, 11F, 20F and 30F are small areas with a high shroom/beast concentration. Side floors may have more, but you'll have to take longer trips. Alternatively, just paying attention during long climbs can net you a lot.
    • If you're feeling dangerous, you can technically use the Goals during Pale Wind's fight to keep generating shrooms. Not recommended for inexperienced players.
  • If a shroom says "/Stack", then eating multiples of that same shroom will continue to increase the effect timer. If it says "/Unstack", then each shroom will start a new timer.
  • In Battle To The Top and Tengoku, it is very rare for the corpses of Haters to grow shrooms.
  • The Bloodnium gained from Splattershrooms doesn't count towards the bonus Bloodnium total when eaten in Tengoku.
  • When entering a pit in Tengoku, the effect time of shrooms will continue to decrease during cutscenes. This is one reason players often skip them, as waiting until the fight starts to eat shrooms is dangerous.
    • However, this can be taken advantage of with Umbrella Rib Fungus and Helmetshrooms, as both of these have a small delay when eaten before their effect actually activates.
  • Several decals affect mushroom usage:
    • Food Fighter dramatically increases the speed at which shrooms are eaten.
    • Resourceful will have you eat Raw shrooms as if they were Cooked.
    • Vitamin and Vitamin XXX will increase the HP recovered by shrooms.
    • Turbo-charged Engine and Nitro Boost will increase the EXP gained by shrooms.
    • Treasure Hunter and Spy will reveal shroom locations on the map.
    • All decals that increase Rage gauge charging speed, like Wolf, will increase the amount of rage gained from Mouseshrooms, Pumpkinshrooms and Yogashrooms.
    • Several decals negate shroom effects on Defense Fighters, Hunters, and Haters only:
      • Guardmycin, Skillmycin, Brainmycin, Fishymycin, Slowmycin, and Stingmycin are 1-Star decals from Bronze, Silver and Gold Lost Bags that each negate 1 shroom effect.
      • Naspirin, Loxorin, and Poltarin are 3-Star decals from the Mushroom Stew that combine the 1-Star decals, each negating 2 shroom effects.
      • Master Onion Cutter is a 3-Star decal from Silver, Gold and Platinum Lost Bags that will negate the effects of Frongus.
      • Not So Fast is a 5-Star decal from Platinum and Rainbow Lost Bags that combines the effects of all of these decals, negating a total of 7 effects.
        • Despite this, it and the original decals are still vulnerable to the Falseshroom versions of these same effects.
  • The Forcemen and Jackals negate certain shroom effects. See their pages for more details.
    • Fighting Forcemen on Hard / Nightmare difficulty (except White Steel) will naturally remove all active shroom buffs before the fight starts.
    • Forcemen negate effects with a wave attack, but even if this wave is Perfect Blocked, offending shroom effects will still be negated.

Types of Mushrooms

# Use Name Image Effect Effect Time Beast Floor Range
1 Eat Heartshroom
01 Heartshroom 1.png
Restores +100 HP (M) Instant N/A 1+
Restores +150 HP (M) Instant
2 Eat Toughshroom
02 Toughshroom 1.png
Damage Down 50% 30 Seconds
N/A 1+
Damage Down 50% 40 Seconds
3 Eat Crushroom
03 Crushroom 1.png
Attack Up 50% 30 Seconds
N/A 1+
Attack Up 50% 40 Seconds
4 Throw Boomshroom
04 Boomshroom 1.png
240 Attack
Impact N/A 1+
Big Explosion
300 Attack
5 Eat Staminungus
05 Staminungus 1.png
Infinite Stamina 30 Seconds
N/A 21+
Infinite Stamina 40 Seconds
6 Throw Fluffy Fungus
06 Fluffy Fungus 1.png
REM Sleep 20 Seconds
N/A 1+
Non-REM Sleep 40 Seconds
7 Throw Doomshroom
07 Doomshroom 1.png
Deadly Poison 30 Seconds
N/A 1+
Lethal Posion 60 Seconds
8 Eat Yogashroom
08 Yogashroom 1.png
Yoga Healing 10 Seconds
N/A 1+
Yoga Healing + 30 Seconds
9 Throw Shockshroom
09 Shockshroom 1.png
Electric Shock
500 Attack
Impact N/A 11+
High Voltage Shock
650 Attack
10 Throw Punchshroom
10 Punchshroom 1.png
Rocket Punch
2800 Attack
Impact N/A 21+
Big Rocket Punch
3500 Attack
11 Eat Transparungus
11 Transparungus 1.png
Cloak 15 Seconds
N/A 11+
Cloak 25 Seconds
12 Eat Guardshroom
12 Guardshroom 1.png
Invincible 30 Seconds
N/A 31+
Invincible 40 Seconds
13 Eat Slowmungus
13 Slowmungus 1.png
Slow Down Time 10 Seconds
N/A 21+
Slow Down Time 15 Seconds
14 Throw Decoyshroom
14 Decoyshroom 1.png
Decoy Bomb
700 Attack
30 Seconds
N/A 11+
Decoy Bomb
900 Attack
60 Seconds
15 Throw Lavashroom
15 Lavashroom 1.png
Lava Explosion
7000 Attack
Impact N/A 31+
Lava Explosion +
9000 Attack
16 Throw Brainshroom
16 Brainshroom 1.png
Groggy 5 Seconds
N/A 21+
Ultra Groggy 10 Seconds
17 Eat Gambleshroom
17 Gambleshroom 1.png
Use Gamble Instant N/A 21+
Use Gamble Instant
18 Eat Fun Fungus
18 Fun Fungus 1.png
Endurance Heal 50% Instant N/A 31+
Endurance Heal 100% Instant
19 Throw Frongus
19 Frongus 1.png
Tear Gas 5 Seconds
Frog 1+
Thick Tear Gas 10 Seconds
20 Eat Mouseshroom
20 Mouseshroom 1.png
Rage Gauge (S) (+1) Instant Rat 2+
Rage Gauge (M) (+3) Instant
21 Eat Stingshroom
21 Stingshroom 1.png
Attack Up 100%
Damage Up 50%
30 Seconds
Scorpion 6+
Attack Up 120%
Damage Up 60%
40 Seconds
22 Throw Fishy Fungus
22 Fishy Fungus 1.png
Confusion 15 Seconds
Fish 12+
Confusion 25 Seconds
23 Eat Snailshroom
23 Snailshroom 1.png
Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 60 Seconds
Snail 9+
Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 90 Seconds
24 Eat Dragonshroom
24 Dragonshroom 1.png
Inifnite Ammo 10 Seconds
Lizard 21+
Infinite Ammo 20 Seconds
25 Eat Lifeshroom
25 Lifeshroom 1.png
Restores HP 25%
(On Fatal Damage)
Until Death Pillbug 11+
Restores HP 50%
(On Fatal Damage)
Until Death
26 Eat Vampire Fungus
26 Vampire Fungus 1.png
Absorb 20% damage dealt as HP 30 Seconds
Crab 11+
Absorb 40% damage dealt as HP 40 Seconds
27 Eat Evershroom
27 Evershroom 1.png
Fatigue Rate Up 20 Seconds
Turtle 21+
Fatigue Rate Up 30 Seconds
28 Eat Oakshroom
28 Oakshroom 1.png
Attack Up 100% Next Attack Only Bird 31+
Attack Up 150% Next Attack Only
29 Throw Croakstool
29 Croakstool 1.png
Thick Tear Gas + 30 Seconds
Golden Frog 1+
30 Eat Golden Mouseshroom
30 Golden Mouseshroom 1.png
Rage Gauge (L) (+7) Instant Golden Rat 1+
31 Eat Golden Stingshroom
31 Golden Stingshroom 1.png
Attack Up 200%

Damage Up 80%

60 Seconds
Golden Scorpion 11+
32 Throw Golden Fishy Fungus
32 Golden Fishy Fungus 1.png
Confusion 60 Seconds
Golden Fish 11+
33 Eat Golden Snailshroom
33 Golden Snailshroom 1.png
Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect 120 Seconds
Golden Snail 11+
34 Eat Golden Dragonshroom
34 Golden Dragonshroom 1.png
Infinite Ammo 40 Seconds
Golden Lizard 21+
35 Eat Golden Lifeshroom
35 Golden Lifeshroom 1.png
Restores HP 100%
(On Fatal Damage)
Until Death Golden Pillbug 11+
36 Eat Golden Vampire Fungus
36 Golden Vampire Fungus 1.png
Absorb 100% damage dealt as HP 90 Seconds
Golden Crab 11+
37 Eat Golden Evershroom
37 Golden Evershroom 1.png
Fatigue Rate Up 60 Seconds
Golden Turtle 21+
38 Eat Golden Oakshroom
38 Golden Oakshroom 1.png
Attack Up 300% Next Attack Only Golden Bird 21+
39 Trade Bronze Skillshroom
39 Bronze Skillshroom 1.png
+500 XP Instant N/A 1+
40 Trade Silver Skillshroom
40 Silver Skillshroom 1.png
+500 XP Instant N/A 11+
41 Trade Golden Skillshroom
41 Golden Skillshroom 1.png
+500 XP Instant N/A 31+
42 Eat Bronze Eggshroom
42 Bronze Eggshroom 1.png
Gain EXP (S)
+400 XP
Instant N/A April/May
43 Eat Silver Eggshroom
43 Silver Eggshroom 1.png
Gain EXP (M)
+3000 XP
Instant N/A April/May
44 Eat Golden Eggshroom
44 Golden Eggshroom 1.png
Gain EXP (L)
+30,000 XP
Instant N/A April/May
45 Eat Red Stingshroom
45 Red Stingshroom 1.png
Attack Up 75%
Damage Up 25%
25 Seconds
Red Scorpion 1+
Attack Up 75%
Damage Up 25%
35 Seconds
46 Eat Umbrella Rib Fungus
46 Umbrella Rib Fungus 1.png
Invis/reduce HP 12 Seconds
N/A 11+
Invis/reduce HP 15 Seconds
47 Throw False Brainshroom
47 False Brainshroom 1.png
May cause Groggy 5 Seconds
N/A 21+
May cause Groggy 10 Seconds
48 Eat Cateye Shroom
48 Cateye Shroom 1.png
Slowmo/reduce HP 7 Seconds
N/A 21+
Slowmo/reduce HP 11 Seconds
49 Throw Boleoshroom
49 Boleoshroom 1.png
Possible Confusion 15 Seconds
Goggly Boleo 11+
Possible Confusion 25 Seconds
50 Eat Ricebowl Shroom
50 Ricebowl Shroom 1.png
Restores HP (L)
+800 HP
Instant N/A 31+
Restores HP (XL)
+1100 HP
51 Sell Bronze Parasol Shroom
51 Bronze Parasol Shroom 1.png
Sell for cash (S) (1000 Kill Coins)
+10 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A July/August
52 Sell Silver Parasol Shroom
52 Silver Parasol Shroom 1.png
Sell for cash (M) (5000 Kill Coins)
+10 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A July/August
53 Sell Golden Parasol Shroom
53 Golden Parasol Shroom 1.png
Sell for cash (L) (50000 Kill Coins)
+10 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A July/August
54 Eat Helmetshroom
54 Helmetshroom 1.png
Reduced armor durability loss
12 Seconds
N/A 31+
Reduced armor durability loss
15 Seconds
55 Eat Bronze Pumpkinshroom
55 Bronze Pumpkinshroom 1.png
Rage Gauge (S) (+1)
+600 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A October/November
56 Eat Silver Pumpkinshroom
56 Silver Pumpkinshroom 1.png
Rage Gauge (M) (+2)
+3000 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A October/November
57 Eat Gold Pumpkinshroom
57 Golden Pumpkinshroom 1.png
Rage Gauge (L) (+7)
+9000 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A October/November
58 Eat Bronze Snowcap
58 Bronze Snowcap 1.png
100 Durability Recovery
+100 XP
Instant N/A January/February
59 Eat Silver Snowcap
59 Silver Snowcap 1.png
400 Durability Recovery
+100 XP
Instant N/A January/February
60 Eat Golden Snowcap
60 Golden Snowcap 1.png
1400 Durability Recovery
+100 XP
Instant N/A January/February
61 Eat Splattershroom
61 Splattershroom 1.png
Bloodnium (S) (+10)
+3333 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A 1+
62 Eat Big Splattershroom
62 Big Splattershroom 1.png
Bloodnium (M) (+100)
+6666 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A 52+
63 Eat Mega Splattershroom
63 Mega Splattershroom 1.png
Bloodnium (L) (+1000)
+9999 HP
+100 XP
Instant N/A 80+

Beasts - Mushrooms

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