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An oversized snail that can be found on the ground or clinging to walls. They do not make any noises but are easily seen due to the large purple cloud of poison they emit. Often times they will appear as obstacles in a path or part of traps, forcing you to have to deal with their poison clouds.

Killing a Snail will produce a Snailshroom.

Like most beasts, it has a rare golden variant, the Golden Snail.


"Distribution: Primarily Max's area."
"Size: 16 in."
"Scientific Name: Euhadra testa"
"Grows huge by absorbing harmful spores from the Tower of Barbs, and sprays poison when threatened."

Raw Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 160 HP (M)
Cooked Effect: HP ico.jpg Restores 200 HP (M)

Sell Price: KC ico.png 336 KC (Raw/Cooked)
EXP: EXP ico.jpg 24 EXP (Raw), EXP ico.jpg 48 EXP (Cooked)


Snails are first encountered on the floors controlled by Max Sharp. However, they seem to be much more common on the floors controlled by Colonel Jackson.



  • You can run up to a Snail and stomp it unconscious before it's poison cloud can affect it.
  • Throw uncooked beasts at Snails that are attached to walls or ceilings in order to knock them down.
  • If you have the Fireworks weapon, you can also target a Snail from a safe distance and cook them with a single shot.
  • Although decent at healing when eaten, they become more useful once you obtain the Poison Eater Decal. This essentially turns the Snail into a mobile healing station.