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Tamata - 3F
Enemies Beasts
This area contains the following enemies:
This area contains 1 beasts from among:
Materials Shrooms
This area contains 8 materials from among:
This area contains 2 shrooms from among:
Heartshroom, Toughshroom, Crushroom, Boomshroom, Fluffy Fungus, Doomshroom, Yogashroom

Welcome to Tamata, an area on Floor 3 of the Tower of Barbs!

Tamata lies along the main elevator shaft and appears during all rotations. It contains Vol. 1, Pg. 2 of Tales From the Barbs.


Map of Tamata district, 3F

Hopefully this map will help you know what enemies lie in your way, and the materials, consumables, and blueprints you can hope to find! If you're here for help with COEN, see below or check his page.

  1. Two Scratch Tubers, one Hovering Tuber. Careful, as the floor at the end of the tunnel under the Hovering Tuber will fall away once stepped on, dropping onto another path the leads into the same area access by hopping onto the raised platform on the left in the tunnel.
  2. Two to three Screamers, possible Hater. Blueprint in chest. Path splits at this point, towards 3 leads to an above average rarity material, where 5 leads to the first boss fight with COEN.
  3. Two Scratch Tubers, one Screamer. Blueprint in chest.
  4. Trap Room with a Golden Chest. See below.
  5. Two Screamers, two Scratch Tubers. Good chance of materials such as cotton and leather.
  6. One Hovering Tuber, good chance at cloth materials.
  7. Main elevator.
  8. Mid-boss fight. See below.
  9. Blueprint in chest (DIY Jacket?)


Tamata contains the first mid-boss encounter in the Tower: COEN. Make sure to level fully and gear up before taking him on, and bring plenty of healing mushrooms. COEN is slow but when he lands a hit, he hits hard.

COEN is weak to Piercingiconsmall.png Piercing damage. This version of him can drop Kill Coins, 1-star equipment, or D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal. Defeating him will allow you to open the gate on Ikegara's orange escalator.

See his boss page for attack patterns and strategies.

Golden Chest[]

Moka-Magome may spawn a Trap Room with a Golden Chest that can drop Blueprints, Kill Coins, or blue Faction Metals. The room will only appear during rotations 1, 3, and 4.

This Trap Room triggers when the Golden Chest is opened, and it spawns the following enemies:

Enemy Weapons Helmet Armor Legs
(to do)

Connecting Areas[]