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Screenshot of Uncle Death's letter to the player from reaching 201F, the text reads as follows; "Dear Senpai, I write this in the hopes that you'll never have to read it... B-But... In the event that you ARE reading it... Holy crap, Senpai!!! It's happening! We're so high up, I think I might pee my pants!!! I can't believe I'm writing this, but... There are no more floors past this one! Nooooo... OTL Sadly, the Death Drive 128's got its limitations, you know? Any more floors and there's a chance the Scarabex would have a meltdown... Which means you'd be trapped inside the game... F o r e v e r... Only a true gamer would have what it takes to get this far. I, Uncle Death, surrender to your superior prowess. You've kicked so much ass... Thank you for all your hard work! I'll be waiting for you in the next game, Senpai... Waiting to confess my love!!! Just kidding. Catch you later!"

Letter to the player received from Uncle Death upon entering 201F.

TENGOKU is an endless floor entered through TENGOKUMON. This floor has a difficulty level which gradually increases as the player passes through each floor. The player will encounter better and better tier materials as they progress through the endless floor. Likewise, they will find tougher enemies to challenge in the upper levels.

Just like floors 42 to 50, all of the enemies found in TENGOKU are haters.

All of the enemies of TENGOKU drop Bloodnium, 3 for red named haters and 1 for regular haters.

At the floors which are multiples of 5 after 50 (ie. 55,60,65,etc.) the player will encounter a challenge floor with a set treasure at the end.

Challenge Floors[]

Every 5 floors starting at floor 55, a random challenge will appear that needs to be completed in order to progress. These challenges consist of a variety of enemies from screamers to bosses.

  • For challenge floors 55-90, one of the mid-bosses COEN, JIN-DIE, GOTO-9 and U-10 can spawn or a group of 5-7 screamers with armor and weapons from one or multiple factions will drop into a cage slowly one by one.
    • The size of the cage itself is based off the theme of the faction.
  • Challenge floors 95 and above also have a chance of spawning more difficult versions of the Main Bosses as well as making the prior enemies much stronger.


TENGOKUMON is the floor which serves as the entry area to TENGOKU proper. It is the 51st floor of the Tower of Barbs. It is unlocked once the player has passed through the only accessible escalator on floor 50. The floor contains the regular elevator set up, a Dustin TD and the gate leading to the endless floors of Tengoku. Like all elevator floors, the elevator must first be activated in order to be accessible in the waiting room. The ambiance of TENGOKUMON resembles that of SU-OI (floor 41) but possesses a red tint. The interior of the main gate is also different as SU-OI's gate interior depicts a subway environment while TENGOKUMON's gate interior has a very heavenly nature-based theme.

Entry Conditions[]

The gate leading to TENGOKU has an item limit: 5 items are allowed to be carried through the gate by regular players and 7 are allowed for express pass holders. To gain entry in the the player may opt to use the Dustin TD beside it to ship excess items in their inventory to the rewards box of their waiting room.


Red Named[]

Defeating red named haters in TENGOKU grants the player a chance of them dropping treasure chests of two variants, either a silver treasure chest or a golden treasure chest.

The drop table of the treasure chests are shown below:

Silver Treasure Chest Golden Treasure Chest
Tuber1.png Scratch Metal

Tuber2.png Bullet Metal

Tuber3.png Hovering Metal

Tuber4.png Bone Metal

Tuber5.png Reversal Metal

Barbmeat Half Portion

Barbmeat Full Portion

Tengoku Blueprint

DOD Blue.png D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal

WE Blue.png War Ensemble Blue Metal

CW Blue.png Candle Wolf Blue Metal

MILK Blue.png M.I.L.K. Blue Metal

DOD Green.png D.O.D. ARMS Green Metal

WE Green.png War Ensemble Green Metal

CW Green.png Candle Wolf Green Metal

MILK Green.png M.I.L.K. Green Metal

DOD Black.png D.O.D. ARMS Black Metal

WE Black.png War Ensemble Black Metal

CW Black.png Candle Wolf Black Metal

MILK Black.png M.I.L.K. Black Metal

DOD Red.png D.O.D. ARMS Red Metal

WE Red.png War Ensemble Red Metal

CW Red.png Candle Wolf Red Metal

MILK Red.png M.I.L.K. Red Metal

DOD Purple.png D.O.D. ARMS Purple Metal

WE Purple.png War Ensemble Purple Metal

CW Purple.png Candle Wolf Purple Metal

MILK Purple.png M.I.L.K. Purple Metal

DOD Orange.png D.O.D. ARMS Orange Metal

WE Orange.png War Ensemble Orange Metal

CW Orange.png Candle Wolf Orange Metal

MILK Orange.png M.I.L.K. Orange Metal

DOD Platinum.png D.O.D. ARMS Platinum Metal

WE Platinum.png War Ensemble Platinum Metal

CW Platinum.png Candle Wolf Platinum Metal

MILK Platinum.png M.I.L.K. Platinum Metal

DRBlue.png Blue Death Roids

DRGreen.png Green Death Roids

DRBlack.png Black Death Roids

DRRed.png Red Death Roids

DRPurple.png Purple Death Roids

Tengoku Blueprint

Weapons of TENGOKU[]

These weapons are very rare, very powerful variants of normal weapons, which can drop in the TENGOKU area past 52F. Some of them can drop from Silver Chests that are scattered around the floors, as well as silver and gold chests dropped after killing a Hater. A separate group drop only from Gold Chests that are found in the room immediatelly following any Boss (Mid-boss or Don). The last category consists of the fewest - only two blueprints - and these can be obtained from Gold Chests dropped by Treasure Tubers in Screamer Pits. The table below lists the drop category corresponding to each item. All of these blueprints are extremely rare. They may be available in the Bloodnium Exchange (as a weapon, not a blueprint) for BL.png 3000. Currently, these weapons cannot be Uncapped.

Name Weapon Type BP Faction Hands REQ P. DMG E. DMG STR DEX Base +4
Thunderbolt Bat Hater/Floor M.I.L.K. 1-Handed STM Blunt 060% Electric 040% 100% 000% 3000 3247
Electro Trigger Buzzsaw Tuber D.O.D. ARMS 1-Handed LUK Slash 080% Electric 020% 082% 018% 2700 2922
Black Mamba Chainsaw Hater/Floor D.O.D. ARMS 2-Handed HP Slash 060% Poison 040% 100% 000% 1500 1623
Muspelheim Crossbow Hater/Floor Candle Wolf 1-Handed DEX Piercing 070% Fire 030% 000% 100% 2200 2381
Judgement Day Hockey Stick Hater/Floor M.I.L.K. 2-Handed STR Blunt 080% Fire 020% 090% 010% 3200 3463
Takama-ga-hara Katana Boss Candle Wolf 2-Handed DEX Slash 080% Electric 020% 060% 040% 4000 4329
Nosferatu Knife Boss War Ensemble 1-Handed DEX Slash 100% 095% 005% 3700 4004
Emperor Motorcycle Boss M.I.L.K. 1-Handed STM Blunt 080% Fire 020% 100% 000% 6600 7144
Death Stalker Pickaxe Boss D.O.D. ARMS 2-Handed STM Slash 080% Poison 020% 100% 000% 4200 4546
Pandemic Rocket Launcher Boss War Ensemble 2-Handed HP Piercing 080% Poison 020% 000% 100% 8000 8659
Hellhound Sniper Rifle Hater/Floor War Ensemble 2-Handed LUK Piercing 100% 020% 080% 2600 2814
Belphegor Spear Hater/Floor Candle Wolf 2-Handed STM Slash 100% 100% 000% 5700 6169
Predator Chopper Hater/Floor D.O.D. ARMS 1-Handed HP Slash 100% 100% 000% 6494 7029
Lethal Weapon Magnum Hater/Floor War Ensemble 2-Handed STM Piercing 80% Fire 20% 030% 070% 4700 5087
Dominion Archer's Bow Boss M.I.L.K. 2-Handed DEX Piercing 020% Electric 080% 040% 060% 6878 7444
Ouroboros Flail Tuber Candle Wolf 1-Handed STR Blunt 50% Poison 50% 080% 020% 8484 9183

Tengoku Materials

Floor Material type
52F Cloth
53F Wood
54F Iron
56F Aluminium
57F Oil
58F Copper