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Trap rooms are small areas that lock when the player enters and can be re-opened by a valve once the player defeats all enemies spawned by the trap. Enemies may come out all at once, or in waves. Many of these traps contain chests that can give the player valuable items.

Golden Chests[]

Some Trap Rooms are able to spawn Golden Chests, which have a high chance of containing rare Faction Metals. Golden Chests can contain metal of any faction, in a specific color depending on floor number. Many of these rooms only appear during certain floor rotations.

Floors that may spawn a Trap Room with a Golden Chest include the following. For enemy details, see the linked page on the area's name.

Note that the specific rotation number corresponds directly with a day of the week. Rotations change every 7pm JST.

# Name Metal Color Rotation Day of the Week
3F Tamata Blue 1, 3, 4 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
3F Kami-Ikedoi Blue All All
6F Moka-Magome Blue 2, 4 Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
11F Nokejiri Green 1, 3, 4 Mon, Thu, Fri
18F Temo-Uma Green All All
19F Chitose-Mei Green 2, 3, 4 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun
22F Kawabe Black All All
28F Hyakkoku Black 1, 4 Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun
28F Hyakuda Black All All
32F Koshi-Yama Red 1, 3 Mon, Thu
35F Wakaba Red All All
38F Yataka-Cho Red All All

Other Trap Rooms[]

Many Trap Rooms do not contain Golden Chests and exist simply to block your progress. They often lie in the middle of important paths, unlike Golden Chest Trap Rooms which tend to appear at dead ends. These Trap Rooms are one of the only places to find Reversal Tubers.

# Name Enemies Type
2F Imokawa-Cho 5 Scratch Tubers Hallway with gates on either side. Triggers when you walk in.