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The hub of your adventure, this is the waiting room of the station "Bottom of Barbs," the last of Line 15.
Situated under the Tower of Barbs, this room contains many interesting features.
Just what are you waiting for, you ask? Perhaps the question should be... what is waiting for you?
Barb's Bible

This is the player's hub. Here, they can shop for equipment, store items, level up, collect bonuses, access their characters, and more.

Interesting Features[]

Reward Box[]

Quest Rewards, Login Bonus, Expedition Loot, Defense Rewards, TDM Lost Bags, Royalty Death Bag slot items (upon expiration of the Express Pass), and Presents are placed in this box.

Storage Chest[]

Players can store items from their Death Bag here. It can be expanded using Death Metal x2 for 10 more slots under the DH Services tab in the Options Menu.

Vanishing Point[]

A fountain in the center of the Waiting Room's main chamber which provides access to the Arcade and fully heals the player.

Uncle Prime Box[]

A present from Uncle Death himself on his Death Mobile. It unlocks 20 hours after it shows up, and a new box will not appear until the unlocked box is opened and you leave and return to the waiting room. A short cutscene will play to show when a new box has shown up.

Its contents can range from a wide variety of items, from weapon and armor blueprints, golden beasts, tuber metals to even red faction metals!

Tokyo Death Metro[]

A kiosk, ran by the operator Tetsuo, is the access point for the Tokyo Death Metro (TDM) asynchronous multiplayer system, you can choose to raid other players, set up your waiting room's defenses, and even decorate your waiting room. The TDM terminal is also where you can spend SPlithium to upgrade your Buffalo Bank and SPlithium Tank to increase your max storage of each and their HP, making them harder to destroy when you are defending against a raid.


The area in which you store the fighters you've abducted during Tokyo Death Metro raids. They stay there until rescued by other players raiding your base and freeing them, their timer has expired and they get automatically released leaving you rewards, or are let go by you.

Fighter Freezer[]

Here, the players can access their fighters. Uncle Death can be asked to retrieve dead characters for Kill Coins which will keep their inventory intact. Alternatively you can use a freebie salvage which completely destroys the Haterfied character's Death Bag but costs nothing. Haterfied characters can be sent out into other players games. The player can also choose which character to play with and change inactive fighter settings (including name and deathbag configuration) and Skill Decals.

Stamp Mount Exchange[]

Unlocks after beating Taro Gunkanyama and having reached Chojo. Located to the right of the Superscope 703, between the Fighter Freezer and the Tokyo Death Metro machine, using this allows you to reset your stamp rally in case you got a MISS on one and wanted to get a new chance, you can choose which of the Don's Areas (each set of 10 floors) to reset, and doing so wipes all of those stamps clean, to find again. Updated to now include the 40+ floors (Stamp Rally II) as a option.

Superscope 703[]

A new implementation, located to the left of the Stamp Mount Exchange, is a fast way to Naomi's Machine to accept and turn in Quests, so you don't have to back out through the Vanishing Point and go through the arcade to get to it. The two children next to the machine are Tetsuo's twin siblings. Their eyes will glow and arms will spin to notify you when new quests are available.

Tower Entry[]


Provides access to the first floor of the Tower of Barbs, Ikegara.


Provides access to any floor in the Tower of Barbs with a main elevator that the player has activated, for a price paid in Kill Coins.

Express Elevator[]

Operated by the mysterious Rin Torai, this elevator is only open to those who are using a Direct Hell Express Pass, its free to operate and can be used even if being chased by enemies (as long as they aren't too close behind you).



A weapons and armor shop, ran by Kommodore Suzuki. Players can bring blueprints they find in the tower here. Once you bring a blueprint and the necessary materials to develop the blueprint, you can start Research & Development (R&D) to create the item or boost the damage/defense and durability of an existing item. Once R&D is complete, the item will be available for purchase with Kill Coins. Players can also sell any items at the Choku-Funsha. His twin brother runs the shop Gyakufunsha, which roams the tower at random and sells crafting materials and blueprints.

Mushroom Club[]

Here, players can purchase Skill Decals from Momoko Yamada, the Mushroom Magistrate. These decals can be attached to the player to provide bonuses. If the player brings the bronze, silver or golden skillshroom to the Mushroom Club, he can trade them for Skill Decals. The player can also drink Mushroom Stew here, which includes a premium Skill Decal.

Grill: Throw Mushrooms or other edible items onto the grill (or preform the throwing action while the right hand is very close to the grill) will barbecue them. This will alter the items effects. (Throwing it may result in the loss of the item when in lands in an unreachable area.)

Mingo Head[]

This strange looking creature allows you to use your accumulated experience on a Fighter to level them up. If you max out the stats on a Grade 6 Fighter, you can "Uncap" to increase that Fighter's stat levels even more!

Vending Machine "Hernia"[]

A vending machine located to the right of Choku-funsha that sells a variety of items, from the consumable items Barbmeat and Tryptamine D, to R&D Materials and rare Faction Metals.

Shop list[]

Item Cost
Barbmeat Half Portion 9,250 KC
Barbmeat Full Portion 18,500 KC
Solo Shelter 18,500 KC
Tryptamine D 120,000 KC

Daily rotating items[]

Every day Hernia will display a random selection of these items. If an item is listed with two forms of payment listed, it will appear in the machine with only one of those options available.

Item Cost
5x Material 2 DM / 10,000 KC
5x ★★ Material 3 DM / 15,000 KC
5x ★★★ Material 4 DM / 20,000 KC
1x ★★★★ Material 1 DM /10,000 KC
5x ★★★★ Material 4 DM / 20,000 KC
1x ★★★★★ Material 2 DM / 20,000 KC
5x ★★★★★ Material 8 DM / 40,000 KC
1x ★★★★★★ Material 3 DM / 15,000 KC
5x ★★★★★★ Material 12 DM / 60,000 KC
1x ★★★★★★★ Material 4 DM / 20,000 KC
5x ★★★★★★★ Material 16 DM / 80,000 KC
Golden Mushrooms 2 DM or 10,000 KC
Blue Faction Metal 4 DM
5x Blue Faction Metal 16 DM
Green Faction Metal 6 DM
5x Green Faction Metal 24 DM
Black Faction Metal 8 DM
5x Black Faction Metal 32 DM
Red Faction Metal 10 DM
5x Red Faction Metal 40 DM
Purple Faction Metal 12 DM
5x Purple Faction Metal 48 DM
Orange Faction Metal 14 DM
5x Orange Faction Metal 56 DM

Recycle Points[]

At the vending machine Hernia, you can trade in duplicate blueprints and Premium Skill Decals for Recycle Points or RP for short. RE Equipment blueprints can also be bought here, they are stronger, more durable versions of existing armor.

Recycle values
Basic Blueprint 50 RP
Silver Blueprint 100 RP
Gold Blueprint 200 RP
1-Star Decal 5,000 RP
2-Star Decal 10,000 RP
3-Star Decal 20,000 RP
4-Star Decal 50,000 RP
5-Star Decal 100,000 RP
RE Weapon 500,000 RP
RE Armor 1,000,000 RP

Then, you can redeem those points for specific items.

Redeemable items Cost
Blue Faction Metals 50,000 RP
Green Faction Metals 75,000 RP
Black Faction Metals 100,000 RP
Red Faction Metals 125,000 RP
Purple Faction Metals 150,000 RP

Fighter retrieval cost[]

From Reddit: List of Kill Coins needed to revive your fighter by /u/xXxTheDarkMemer666xX

Floor Cost (KC)
1F 5,000
2F 5,300
3F 5,600
4F 6,000
5F 6,300
6F 6,700
11F 9,000
12F 13,000
13F 17,000
14F 21,000
15F 26,000
16F 29,000
17F 33,000
18F 37,000
20F 45,000
21F 50,000
22F 58,300
23F 66,000
24F 75,000
25F 83,300
26F 91,600
27F 100,000
29F 116,600
31F 150,000
32F 170,000
34F 210,000
35F 230,000
35F+ 250,000

NOTE: Under the Direct Hell Express Pass, Salvage costs are discounted 80% thanks to the upgrade.