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About White Steel[]

White Steel is one of the Four "Forcemen", A group of bosses added to the Tower of Barbs. He represents the D.O.D. Arms Faction. First arriving in the game on April 26th. 2017; He exists as an extra challenge to players, with the rewards being anywhere from Kill coins, Random D.O.D. Blueprints, his White Steel Armor blueprints and to even his unique weapons.


A massive fighter, standing at least a head over any other Fighter, clad in all white armor, wielding his large spike mace, Spike Crusher, in one hand and the Static Discharger on his other hand. You should fight him with at least a grade 5 fighter on hard.

Finding White Steel[]

There are currently 3 difficulties of White Steel, each in separate rooms in the D.O.D. Faction area on floors 4F: REGINAKA, 5F: OMENO-INARI and 8F: KO-ONI. Each floor contains a different difficulty version and Kill Coin cost to fight him.

Floor Difficulty Free Plays Challenge Cost After using the Free Plays
4F REGINAKA ( changed floor 2020) Normal Free 5,000 KC
5F OMENO-INARI Hard Free 30,000 KC
8F KO-ONI Nightmare Free 100,000 KC

His challenge rooms are a unique rotation timer and only appear on:

WED 3:00 AM – THU 2:59 AM (PDT)

SUN 3:00 AM – MON 2:59 AM (PDT)

Fighting White Steel[]

White Steel Machine.png

When you enter one of White Steel's floors, go up to the 44CE challenge machine to be asked to pay the according cost and agree to fight. White Steel is not a normal boss fight, as there is a 3 minute and 30 second timer, and the ability to negate certain mushrooms doping effects. These mushrooms can be eaten before interacting with the machine and will carry over into the fight, but if you have a doping effect he doesn't agree with, he will negate it.

The mushroom effects he negates are:

  • Snailshroom
  • Transparangus
  • Slowmungus
  • Guardshroom

White Steel's Armor[]

His total defensive stats are: +32% Blunt resistance, -42% Piercing resistance and +18% Electric resistance.[1]

White Steel's attacks[]

Negating Shockwave - This is the move that negates the mushroom doping effects on the list. Knocks down on hit and negates effects even if you block it, quick and has very short recovery, so theres not much chance to hit him safely, best bet is to just make him use it by not using those mushrooms

Spike Crusher Combo - He swings with his right hand weapon, the Spike Crusher, if he hits or you block, he'll continue for the full three part combo, this is a true combo and you cannot block/dodge out of this if you get hit by the first swing. It does great damage and will probably kill you at full health if you dont have a defense decal or Lifeshroom on Hard or Nightmare. Keep him at a good amount of space away to help avoid the attack if he gets near you, If you run or dodge out of range of this first hit, he wont continue and will be open for a moment for retaliation.

Devastation - White Steel unleashes the Spike Crusher's rage attack, a large 4 hit combo, with explosions on the last 2 hits. Will probably kill you, no matter what, so just like the normal attacks, just be careful when near him and if you see the rage aura on him, Run diagonally away and stay away until hes done, he will be open for a hit afterwards.

Static Massager (Cone) - White Steel raises up his left hand and uses the weapon mounted on it to walk around and shoot 3 streams of electricity out in a near 90-degree cone, hitting in very rapid succession if you're caught in it. It has a noticeable start up and once he starts shooting, you can't knock him out of it. This move hurts if you get caught deep in it, but it doesn't stun you at all so you can run out while getting hit. If you're going with a ranged strategy to fight him this is a good time to get a good amount of shots on him.

Static Massager (Bolts) - Similar to the Static Massager (cone) attack, but instead this time shoots individual bolts on electricity, the bolts move fast and require you to run to avoid, a single hit isn't very damaging, but can rack up if you aren't careful, again like the cone attack, the bolts don't cause hitstun so you can run out if you're being hit by them.


Upon defeating White Steel, the gate behind him opens up and reveals a single chest, with the possible reward depending on the difficulty White Steel was fought at.

Potential Rewards:

Normal Difficulty
Kill Coins
Various Blueprints (Excluding white steel BPs)
Hard Difficulty
Kill Coins
White Steel Head Blueprint
White Steel Leggings Blueprint
Spike Crusher Blueprint
D.O.D. ARMS Red Metal
War Ensemble Red Metal
Candle Wolf Red Metal
M.I.L.K. Red Metal
D.O.D. ARMS Black Metal
War Ensemble Green Metal
M.I.L.K. Blue Metal
Nightmare Difficulty
White Steel Head Blueprint
White Steel Body Blueprint
White Steel Leggings Blueprint
Spike Crusher Blueprint
Static Massager Blueprint
D.O.D. ARMS 44CE Metal


No. Difficulty Name Category Detail Reward Repeat Reward
201 ★★ Hunting White Steel #001 Destroy Defeat White Steel(NORMAL). DM.png 1 Death Metal KC.png 500 KC
202 ★★★ Hunting White Steel #002 Destroy Defeat White Steel(HARD). DM.png 3 Death Metals KC.png 500 KC
203 ★★★★ Hunting White Steel #003 Destroy Defeat White Steel(NIGHTMARE). DM.png 5 Death Metals KC.png 500 KC